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Few idiots like Nova had said no trade said this.BOI had claimed Aamir as no.1 by a long shot after 3Idiots. Addatoday and Bollyarena also have Aamir as no.1.It's not abt degrading Sallu but Aamir is indeed no.1 followed closely by Sallu.


Q. Top 5 actors currently?

A. Current standing – Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan.

Q. Which one is bigger flop Tubelight or JHMS

A. Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Q. I’ve looked up your list of actors about their movie collections & verdict in that list SRK had zero disasters registered to his name, so is JHMS SRK’s first disaster or is it just a flop?

A. Jab Harry Met Sejal is a humongous disaster. The domestic distributors share of the film is going to be less than 30 crore, which is about one-fourth of the landing cost. We have to be looking at the loss incurred by the distributors, if pre-release producer profit is taken into consideration, then a film is winner even if it collects 10 crore at the domestic box office. Distributor recovery is most important. Also, when you sell a film for a high price, give it a proper showcasing and it has such a big star cast – it has to collect a certain amount.  65-70 crore lifetime is what films like Dear Zindagi are earning and they were sold for a very low price compared to Jab Harry Met Sejal. Such films also have zero satellite value.JHMS is all round failure and there’s no question of defending the genre or ‘nicheness’ of the film either. If the film is niche and has limited audience, you need to plan the budget accordingly and then sell it for a price that justifies. You can’t be setting it up as a commercial blockbuster, get the price you want and then try to create perception that audience is limited for such films.

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IMO Aamir hating or Salman hating jaisa kuch nhi hai... Now they have called Aamir no1 so many Bhai fans will start calling them Bhai hating and Aamir loving star...hating wala perception isi tarah se banta hai

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Lol its just top 5 actors right now. This changes every 6 months. It chnged after dhoom 3 till kick arrived. Then after pk till bajrangi bhaijaan arrived. Now again after dangal. But it has nothing to do with stardom
You ask them who is biggest superstar,who haa more stardom, more opening day pull they will mention SALMAN.
BOI already said SALMAN is the most popular Superstar for hindi audience by a long shot.

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Imo both salman n aamir has equal amount of stardom or call fan following... the only diff is salman fans make noise n whearas aamir fans dnt...
In a room has 10 peolple 4 are salman fans n 4 aamir fans rest 2 srk fans... 4 salman fans make 50% noise abt salman nd 4 aamir fans make 20% noise abt aamir n rest 2 srk fans 80% noise abt srk... thats diff... imo i being south indian from mangalore find more salman fans than any star here...

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I lost you at Both salman and aamir has equal fan following. Hahahaha even aamir will roll on the floor laughing. Salman khan is the most popular star of hindi cinema and has fans across all ages from children to Oldies. Aamir has very less fans . It just that he made some very good movies thats why neutral audience has trust on him.
His fan following was never comparable to Salman,srk or even akki and hritik


imo aamir has second most fan following after salman...


Are you high or something?
Akshay is also making good films this days but max 130cr whereas Aamir is getting 30cr opening and doing lifetime 380cr.
Aamir is definitely in top 2 today....... I don't know how it works in your village, but i'm talking about Bangalore/Pune/Mumbai where i've watched Aamir Khan films....
4 Akshay Good film is lesser than one Dangal.......

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I still have a question about how an actor who has given 11 crs opening with Best trailer after baahubali & outright hindi movie and visiting politicians ahead of someone whose worst opening with dull mini trails, crappy marketing and considered as worst opening of his in last 10 years is 15 crs..??

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Indicine has answered almost what u asked.Please check.


Other superstar fans gets disappointed when their favorite superstar give only 100cr grosser while Akshay fans celebrate 100cr grossers like it's a festival,difference in stardom. Akshay Kumar is not a superstar,he is just a star.

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It would be foolish to deny aamir is not no1. He is............by some distance. Salman slipped up a bit with tubelight, but one strong outing with TZH will take him to that top spot along with aamir.

So now SRK and HR at 4 and 5 respectively, not too much difference there.

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SRK is getting hurt due to Bad content else opening is still not a big deal for SRK whereas Hrithik is struggling with opening even, he needs to come back strongly Hrithik is young and others will surpass him if he doesnt have great lineups, for me after khan retires industry will only intrested for me because of hrithik

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         ..............STRECHING FINGERS .......

ok let me just explain something to you .... in return you will NOT explain something to me.

right now even after dangal 2000cr aamir khan is nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo way close to salman khan ..... reason is.... big flagship bollywood movies release in 50-60 locations ..... and star status of each and every location is counted. like there are 11 circuits covering bollywood in india.... and when they say from a circuit aamir khan movie has done 5cr.... and in the mean time a salman khan starrer does 4.5cr from that circuit 3 times until there is a next aamir khan release....

its not an apples to apples comparison because 1 aamir khan movie release and then if there was only 1 salman khan movie until next aamir khan release than that 5cr mark is ofcourse bigger than that 4.5cr .... but here the volume is 33% less with aamir khan.... so with two movies against aamir khan's one all time grosser salman khan crosses him to be bigger.... and to add insult to injury ... another salman khan starrer release ... increasing the lead further...

second point.... there are circuits where aamir khan movies earn more and then there are circuits where salman khan movies earn more.... and even here salman khan leads in more circuit even if you do APPLES TO APPLES comparison .... 1- 1 movie comparison.... .if you didn't understand i'll give you one example ....

3idiots did 201cr..... dabangg did 140cr........BUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT DABANGG HELD 8 CIRCUIT RECORDS OUT OF 11. check the difference in total....and then check the circuit records..so thats a huuuuugggeee lead. but total is 60cr less....... salman khan leads 8-3 while aamir khan was number 1 in three circuits.... mumbai and some other ..........

similar thing happened with dangal....... china circuit was hugeeeeeeee ..... not comparable to any other... meaning aamir khan is number 1 in china circuit....

furthermore............. THREE BLOCKBUSTERS = TWO ATBBS

so there is no version of ranking where aamir khan beats salman khan in overall spectrum (not temporary one)

now tubelight was a dud and even if TZH and Next eid release become flops and THUGS becomes ATBB even than salaman khan would be leading the decade......because as of now... salman khan is ahead with 4 blockbusters and one hit since the time he took first spot in 2010.

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Abe Nova,tera jhoot saamne exposed hai.Dekhle kitne circuits mein 3I aage hai kitno mein Dabang.Tere itne lambe bakwaas essay ka duaa nikal gaya.Chup chap baitha raha kar woh theek rahega.South ke 3 circuits mein,Mumbai aur WB mein Aamir-Salman ka koi comparison hi nahi hai.

3I ahead in 11/13 while Dabang in 2/13(Bihar and Orissa).
For an idiot like u Orissa circuit is eql to Mumbai circuit.

OS mein china mein nahi(waha to Aamir ke alawa koi hai hi nahi) bhaisaab,major traditional circuits US/Canada,Aus,UK mein Aamir-Sallu ka koi comparison hi nahi hai.Sirf Gulf msin aage hai Sallu.

2ATBB=3BB.LOLLLLLLLL.Apne logic apne paas hi rakha kar.Apni convinience ke hisaab se kuch bhi bakwaas kar do.


jhoot paakda gaya hai ..... ab ye ghalat hai ustaads .... hum regular troller hain .... tum detail main kyun jaatay ho..... !!


Aamir is god of bollywood!........... Far ahead..........


Jhoot hi bolo tum jaise launde lapade.Yahi umeed tum jaiso se Nova.Tu launda lapada tha,hai aur rahega.
Hawa mein baat karta hai aur aise baat karta hai jaise pata nahi kitna intellectual hai.
Dabang led in 9/11 circuit.Samjha doosre bewkoof hai is ki launda lapadagiri par sab laanat maarte hai.

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Replace Akshay Kumar with Khans in all of his last 4 films result will be something else, its the content working for akhshay kumar rather then Akshay himself, giving 11cr opening with solo and with successful trailer is nothing huge, the guy is still struggling to cross his best 130cr , if Aamir ,salman or SRK would have done Airlift,Rustom, or TEPK they would have min 200cr grosser. at the moment SRK is having the worst script sense, among any actors even worst the shahid kapoor i would say , why would a man say yes to any film without looking at script.

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yeah but Akki deserves credit for picking those scripts and then making sure those movies end up well made.


no doubt about that, after Aamir if any one having good script sense its Akshay these days , his other lineups are even great, whereas Salman was going well but again he is chosing some crap scripts like TZH, Remo next and then Dabaang , whereas SRK future projects look good unless SRK interferes in between .


TZH shouldn't be called a crap script before we even see a trailer. I wouldn't say any SRK movies looks good right now.


To be honest ETT was the worst film i have ever seen , it was a rom com rather then thriller action movie, it worked because of the buzz it generated before release , i dont think if the movie is on same level as ETT it will windup under 200cr this time as people are rejecting movies and it doesnt matter if it is holiday or non-holiday, i still think movie will wrap under 250cr giving some advantage to TZH, SRK next with anand rai and Aditiya might be huge unless SRK change directors vision interfere although dwarf movie is a risky project.