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Many SRKians have been continuously shouting on Salman movies distributors shares, especially after Tubelight's failure. Let's compare Salman vs Shahrukh's distributor shares and make everything "Doodh Ka Doodh Aur Paani Ka Paani.

150cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 2 movies
Shahrukh - 0 movie (lol)

100cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 5 movies
Shahrukh - only 1 movie

75cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 8 movies
Shahrukh - only 2 movies

50cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 12 movies
Shahrukh - only 7 movies.
Some pseudo genius might still appear to chant on Tubelight distributors loss. But these blind people can't see how many times Salman delivers 150cr/100cr distributors share.
asked in General by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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How much was share of marigold and budha Mar gaya

Much more than Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke

4 Answers

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Salmans Distributers share this decade will be more than SRKS total nett collections of all his movies. Yes yes let it sink for a while. And laugh on Srk fans life

answered by Location Manager (5k points)
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bro, I know you are just retaliating because some SRK fans trolled Salman, but just to let you know, even SRK has given some big profits. His 2 movies that lost the most money, Dilwale and JHMS, can also easily be covered up by the CE share. How many times has he given big hits last decade and this decade, but a few flops and you call him panauti.

answered by Production Accountant (26.6k points)

After weekend I stopped trolling Srk and JHMS. But some of your fellow SRKians ne hamari sharafat ko hamari kamzori samajh liya and started making idiotic posts on Salman and Tubelight. Eg - look at the activities of this guy called Rohan http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/user/Rohan/questions. Hence, mujhe bhi apne old avatar me jana pada...

i understand bro.

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Well great. An analyst comparing two actors whose career span over 3 decades without considering inflation and trade condition. Great.

In layman language a ₹30cr in 1995 would mean ₹200cr at today Business level which you haven't considered. We all SRK good days are in those days while Salman glory came post 2010.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

Well said no discussion possible with these fools

Lol.... 2017 ne 1995 ka rona.... Chalo your rona-dhona is accepted. Footfalls comparasion will give us a clear picture of adjusted nett and adjusted distributor share.

5/6/7cr Footfalls :
Salman - 1 movie
Srk - 0

4cr Footfalls :
Salman - 2 movies
Srk - 1 movie

3cr Footfalls :
Salman - 4 movies
Srk - 3 movies

2cr Footfalls
Salman- 13 movies.
Srk- 9 movies.

Ab bolo Paazi.. .

jatinder abe kitna rodoge bhai..... ..

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Flop actor in previous decade and biggest supporting actor of 90 along with Anupam Kher Sir

answered by Set Decorator (1.7k points)

Flop actor till previous decade... Hmmm.

Salman vs Srk till 2009.. .....

Highest Grosser Of The Century
Salman - 1
Srk - 0 (infact whole bollywood - 0)

All Time Highest Grosser
Salman - 1
Srk - 0

Highest Grosser Of The Decade
Salman - 2
Srk - 0

Biggest Hit Of The Decade
Salman - 2
Srk - 0

Highest Grosser Of The Decade
Salman - 5
Srk - 5 (finally matches Salman in something)

All Time Blockbuster
Salman - 2
Srk - 2
P.S : Salman's ATBBs were much bigger in terms of footfalls.

5cr/6cr/7cr Footfalls
Salman - Yesss
Srk - again ZERO.

These are pure statistics... And statistics clearly say that Salman was light years ahead of SRK even before 2010, as far as major BO records are concerned.

bazigar mae bazigar... phirse mae aya bakwas karne par...

playboy tu baazigar hai kya?

Nope... He meant @Rohan.

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