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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (6th Aug - 12th Aug). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 181. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Week.

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1. Jab Sejal Met Harry (2017): 6/10 I won't say that I had intellectual masturbation watching this movie as everyone here is aware of its faith on BO and how story isn't upto Imtiaz standard. My opinion doesn't vary much from the general public about its story. But, I completely loved Imtiaz's execution of the story and my likeness toward the film is completely down to its sweetness and fun riding journey of leads over the Europe. Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma have made cute pair together and all their conversation made me smile throughout the movie, that's what make me love this movie. Second half is certainly runs slowly and climax is big let down, still freshness of characters offer some great moments. I wish if Imtiaz and Team had come with better concept. Overall, a decent film.  

2. Raw [2016 - French] = 8/10 My one of the friends recommended it saying, "drop your meat & watch this. Cannibalism had never been this sexy". Well, you know anything that is termed as sexy, I'm completely into that. So, how could have I missed it..? Huh

Anyway, it's just mindboggling. You need a lot of courage to witness the sexiness of the film. And if you think I've been lying here then you must know that during a screening at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, some viewers received emergency medical services after allegedly fainting from the film's graphic scenes. Look.. I encourage you to watch this movie only if you feel comfortable with R rated films with extremely high violence, gore and nudity. Because, well, it's cannibalism.  

3. The Imitation Game (2014): 7/10 An intelligent film. The story of unsung heroes. It looks good in film, though what I read further on internet about the film tells that the character has been glorified in the film without having any actual historical records and that is definitely minus point for the film. Still, the film is interesting and deserves a watch.
asked Aug 12, 2017 in General by Ankit 007 Assistant Director (51,591 points)
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imitation game 7 ??? and raw and JHMS 6????

thats it......

offense taken.

imitation game is at least 9 and if JHMS is 6 then its 19

5 Answers

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Bhairava 7/10
Finally after Kaththi i liked an vijay film
Although the story is routine but its entertaining nonetheless
Vijayy needs to do something diff now its high time

Gautamiputra satakarni 5/10
I didn't find anything epic in this 100th film of NBK
This man just overacts too much
Didn't expectd this kind of film from krish
The only thing worth praising was vfx which was pretty gud considering the budget

answered Aug 12, 2017 by SSk Production Accountant (27,166 points)

Yuppp...Watched Gautamiputra Satakarni couple of days ago. Balakrishna's overacting was really unbearable.

Plus i hve heard so many good things about the movie that its an epic movie really gud movie blah blah
But it disappointed me

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Hmmm nice you watched Raw & even liked it.

  1. Nenu Local [2017 - Telugu] = 3/10 [Never expected this blockbuster film to be this bad. Wish I had never watched it.]

  2. Hanuman Da' Damdaar [2017] = first time watch but I prefer not to rate it as I was not it's target audience. As an adult, apart from Salman Khan & modern dialogues, this film had nothing to offer.

  3. Vetri Vizha [1989 - Tamil] = 6/10 [Btw this is the first big screen "inspired' adaptation of The Bourne Identity novel. digitally remastered re-release. Apart from the feeling of watching this silver Jubilee Blockbuster which everybody in my family loved, I didn't enjoy it as expected or even close to how I had enjoyed it watching on TV. This film doesn't stand the test of time as far as big screen release go.]

  4. Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaran [2016 - Tamil] = 5/10 [comedy works & that's about it.]

  5. Everything, Everything [2017] = 6/10 [Felt like I should've read the novel first.]

Also started watching American Gods & The Sinner TV series.

First Time Watches = except Vetri Vizha rest all of them.

Movie of the week = Vetri Vizha (not on big screen) & Everything Everything.

answered Aug 12, 2017 by suhas All Time best! (260,338 points)

how did you like American Gods? I had it for a while, eventually just deleted without watching.

Only watched 2 episodes of 1st season. Finding it too slow but the production values is impressive. Just not buying the character yet considering the first two episodes except the main guy all others are shown in negative light.

Will be able to decide after a solid episode. This doesn't seem to be the TV series which can win you over just with it's pilot episode.

alright, thanks for the reply.

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answered Aug 12, 2017 by God Father Production Accountant (21,838 points)
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Happy Bhaag Jayegi (5/10):

An OK movie, entertaining in small parts. Acting not very convincing, characterisation good for only a few characters, main characters herself disappears in second half. One good song.

Nil Battey Sannata (8.5/10):

Best movie I've seen all year. I could relate to the story 100%, I guess this is something many kids go through. The last ten minutes I could not stop crying. Incredible acting, incredible writing, and so much story in less than 2 hours. Songs I mostly fastforwarded, but the one during the credits I could not skip. Well done!

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (6.5/10):

Good thriller with very interesting characters and a unique way of storytelling. My problem with this is that other than 2 main characters, others were not very well defined, and it got a bit long in the tooth in the second half. Still it is an enjoyable watch, try not to read any details about the story, you'll be surprised throughout.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (7.5/10):

A throughly entertaining movie, more funny and visually creative than the first one, felt like an actual self contained adventure, little to no build up for the future. First half is on par with or even better than the original, but second half dips a bit under the weight of several "shocking" reveals and an overload of effects. One of the great thing about the first one was the last battle was understated. I like Spider-Man: Homecoming more.

Mulan (7.5/10):

One of the few 1990's Dinsey movies I hadn't seen. I really liked this one. Little to no emphasis on the romance, strong characters, funny, beautifully drawn and good action. I really felt the old school Disney magic while watching this one.

Grosse Point Blank (7/10):

I guess you can say that this is exactly the sort of movie Akshay would have ripped off in the mid-2000's. It's an underrated and underseen action comedy with very fun characters played by very good actors. There is some great action and deep storytelling in this one too, but more emphasis is on the comedy. This is exactly the sort of movie that I can watch and enjoy regardless of the mood.

Movie of the week: Nil Battey Sannata.

answered Aug 12, 2017 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,136 points)
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A week of classics for me,

Golmaal (1979)- 4.75/5, chupke chupke (1975)- 4.25/5

The age of golden classics, clean family comedy where humour was dependant on situations. Utpal dutt and amol palekar.....what an acting pair, how I wish we could have more of such films today, instead of rohit shetty formula of blowing up cars and double meaning dialogues

answered Aug 12, 2017 by Intense Director (127,859 points)

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