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If rumor mills to be believed Salman khans next is going to be something unheard before in media so it means its neither race3 nor dabangg3 in my point of view it could be Kick2 or SLB project now share your views whether it could be kick2 or Slb project?
asked in Box Office Related by Casting Director (17.3k points)
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4 Answers

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ye film wo film ke chakkar mae salman wil lose 2018 year i guess just like 2013..
nd some naam king wil get benefit like 2013... nd i said same in 2013 his next bb wil be in 2018 there is more chance of no salman movie like 2013... but eagerly want race or dabang or any gud entertainer on eid 2018...pls dnt leave.... highest grosser wil be toh bcoz aamir is a silent killer....

answered by Production Accountant (26.2k points)

If race 3 is happening after tzh with Salman then it will be Thugs vs race3 for hgoty

Bro, control yourself. Troll karo but pyar se... Don't abuse anyone (user or star). Otherwise you'll have to face a permanent ban. And plz response to mods.. ..

tiger i responsed to charlie...its clear nw... nd abt ban woh toh kabi bi ho sakta without using abusive words just like before i got banned for 6month.... all i need to give solid reply without abusive word then srkian mods wil get heated up n inreturn they not able to give proper back reply then they will ban me... as simple is that....

Earlier some mods used to be biased. Even I got banned multiple times without any strong reason. But right now the forum is pretty much neutral. Har fanbase ko equally treat kiya jata hai. Don't abuse any star or user, you'll not get banned. If you find anyone abusing you or Salman then report it to mods like Charlie, Intense, Irdwhelp, Thunder bird etc.

+1 vote

It can't be SLB's next, cz SLB films can't be completed in 8-9 months. It will be either Kick 2 or Race 3. Personally I want Kick 2 on Eid next year.

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)

Yes I also thinking the same it will be kick2

+1 vote

if the shooting starts from october .... then it can be either race 3 or bhansali's next..... because then they'll have 7 months with tight schedule to shoot the entire thing.....

but i personally think it'll be none of these movies.... it'll be the love story .... which first murugudoss was going to start then santoshi was going to start.... IM NOT TALKING ABOUT BHAARAT..... this is the movie which was going to release after Sultan..... may be with murugudoss again....

because a love story can be completed within 5 months.... and salman khan said it was a mature drama.

answered by Director (137k points)
+1 vote

I think Sallu next after TZH will be remo dance film.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)

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