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Salman has lost 21 clashes

1992 Thrice
1993 Twice
1994 Thrice
2006 Twice
2007 Twice
2009 Twice

Clashes Salman lost from Stars

Ajay- 4 times
Akshay- 4 times
SRK- 3 times
Anil Kapoor- 2 times
Jackie Shroff- 2 times
Sanjay Dutt- 2 times
John Abraham- 2 times
Abhishek- Once
Ranbir- Once
Uday- Once

Losing a clash is acceptable in long run but losing initial battle from Rakhi Sawant shows us the star power Salman had before 2010

Buddha Mar gaya opened thrice than Marie gold
asked in Opinion by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
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Abey Jhandu, forum pe tera bakwas kaam nhi karega... Aur nhi Manipulationpur or RedChillies-Stan wala list chalega.... Here's the list of clashes Salman Khan faced http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/132919/list-of-all-the-movies-that-clashed-with-salman-khan-starrer. He won 20 clashes and lost 10.

5 Answers

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Birds of a feather (star and fan)flock together. For your information, Salman starrers have clashed 33 times; won 20times, lost 10 times. And 21st won is without a fight as Raees ran away

answered by Unit Manager (30.3k points)
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Bhai might have lost couple of clashes in the past but he's never run away from any clash like a bhagoda unlike the so called global king. Salman toh chhodo global king even runs away from clashes even in fear of Akki starrers. #SHAME!

You've been continuously chanting the clash between Salman and Rakhi Sawant. FYI, SRK has lost clashes to Faraz Khan and Seema Biswas... At least people know Rakhi Sawant but ye Faraz Khan (he does only Ma-ya Mem-saab kinda B grade films) and Seema Biswas koun hai yaar!...Hahahaha.

Also the so called global king runs away from clashes in fear of Rakhi Sawant se harnewala... Toh soch ye clash se bhagnewala kitna gaya guzra hain???

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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21 times harne baad bi some naam ka global king runs in fear hw sad is that.. hota hai hota hai
but tu pehle ye bata tera original acc name kya hai bawre zara hum bi toh jane... 2 din se bakwas kiya ja raha hai... zara asli acc name se toh aao.aao na lolita...

answered by Production Accountant (26.2k points)

Lolita me itni himmat hota toh fake account kyu banata?

Bro, control yourself. Troll karo but pyar se... Don't abuse anyone (user or star). Otherwise you'll have to face a permanent ban.

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Kisi Mahaan Insaan Ne Kaha Hai
#24 Hour Me 23 Hour Aap Ka Chahe Jaisa Bhi Ho Lekin Last One1 Hour Aap Ka Aisa Ho Jaisa Tum Chahte Ho Aap Sab Bhool Jayenge
Salman Ko
Don't Worry Kyon Ki Abhi

Tiger Zinda Hai

But Latest Disaster


and Upcoming




Troll Karne Ka Haq Sirf Amir Fan Ko Hai
Tum Jaiso Ka Nahi

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
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the harder you fall the stronger you rise.

answered by Production Accountant (26.4k points)

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