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asked Aug 11, 2017 in Opinion by abbie Unit Manager (31,319 points)
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abbie mahn ... why would you make a review post for users of this forum ..... when you know no one would have gone to watch the movie..... even if they did they wouldn't post the review here out of shame...... because they know i would slam them .... because they paid money to watch people deuce

2 Answers

+2 votes

Seriously good entertainer. It has hilarious and powerful dialogues. Movie was going to show reality that was it's first aim. And it has been shown like this only. Movie will not blame government for the situation rather it will attack the " Soch " that mindset of our majority of the rural people. From Religion to cheap patriarchal tendencies, it will attack everything and also we shouldn't forget that it will raise the cause of woman empowerment and social upbringing also.

Akshay is as usual very good. Bhoomi is also good.

Film can be called an " official government " film.
Why ? Go and see. But whatever is there is true.

Don't forget that it's a love story.

Film will be a huge success. It has a potential to become Akshays highest grossing film.


answered Aug 11, 2017 by Boxofficemaan Assistant Director (43,570 points)
+1 vote

Review of Toilet, a not so social movie..!!

First thing first, Toiket is decently entertaining movie, filled with hilarious situations and dialogues, set on an important social message, yet fails to convey it as impactfully as expected.

In it's heart, it's a love story with background of social message, yet a large chunk of first half is directed towards setting up hilarious situations and love story part, there is stalking each other by both lead characters, few double meaning dialogues and bit of adult content all told in comic fashion, the problem of toilet is also mixed with comedy to lighten the mood. It's only the second half where the social issue is tackled properly.

Problem with movie is that it rarely goes out of it's attempt to make every situation hilarious which no doubt is entertaining but dikutes the social message part, the scenes in first half take the problem as lightly and sudden character change during half time is sudden. In second half too the only few serious scenes are mostly concerning personal problems of lead characters instead of wider society, while movie sets itself for good finale, it's character motivation changes happens sudden without much scenes showing it's background, and it dwells into preachy mode later on, and when finally it gears for an impactfull finale, it ends abruptly, again without much context.

The main problem is that it fails to maintain the balance of Comedy & Relevant topic which movies like OMG did brilliantly, in an attempt to make it more funny, the social message part gets diluted and hence movie lacks any impactfull scene that really hits the head hard and makes you think, you don't leave the theatre with any more thoughts on this topic then you already had before watching this movie.

The greater emphasis on personal love story, comedy and forced conflict and preachiness in many scenes leaves lot to be desired in terms of social message.

The performances from leads, and hillarious situations & dialogues make this movie as a good entertainer in terms of a plain comedy movie which is accidentally based on real life, but if you think it as of a really hard hitting & thought provoking take on the social issue then you might leave the theatre felling bit dissapointed..!!

And in addition, most of the comic moments in movie comes from the dialogues which sounds hilarious in the local dialect which makes normal lines as hilarious too.

At the end, Toilet is a good comedy movie which doesn't gives you the feeling of desired take on social issue, so you can say that Toilet is an entertaining comedy movie which should be seen and enjoyed as a comedy rather then social message.


answered Aug 11, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,943 points)

Well then most would like it. Because who the hell would go for this social message lol

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