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Biggest opening Day (WW) this decade

2010- Dabangg
2011- Bodyguard
2012- Ek tha tiger
2013- Dhoom3
2014- Happy new year
2015- Prem ratan dhan payo
2016- Sultan

2017- any guess?
Kyunki sabka Baap abhi zinda hai
in Box Office Related by Location Manager (5.7k points)
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TIGER is Salmans legacy. Everything is due to Salman khan. Dhoom is the biggest franchise and aamir has got nothing to do with it.

Dabangg release a day before eid. Its non holiday record opener
Ek tha tiger released on ramdhan and independence day. So holiday advantage was much less. And independence day is not celebrated worldwide
Ek tha tiger didnt release on eid u gawaar

Sultan also releasd on day before eid(ramdhan). Not on eid. Eid on 2 states is not bigger than Eid on 27 other states


Lol Dhoom 2 hardly break a 5 years movie lifetime with a small margin & in overseas it was not a record grosser while with Aamir khan it is record grosser be in India or overseas...
EID tiger release on check facts before barking again & sultan was also a Eid release but due to some confusion I am counting the benefit In semi holiday category.
Dabangg also released on Eid if don't have any information then it's not my problem correct your facts then open your mouth.
regarding your Arjun rampal bak bak he is yet to give a good grosser while Rakhi sawant actually beat Salman khan in a clash...


Arey yaar why are u crying like a girl. Why dont you accept the fact that Aamir has zero stardom and hasn't given a single record opening this decade. He is a genius and i respect himfor that


Are yaar why you barking everywhere accept that Bhai is nil battey sannata without masala and I am ok with this as I love spices...
As far as Aamir is concerned all the Lifetime records be in India or overseas or Worldwide, famous club , most number of classic belong to same Aamir khan and I am proud of that...
Now you are free to bark under my comment...

7 Answers

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Best answer

5 WW record openings out of 7 belong to his excellency SALMAN KHAN. And some pseudo genius try to call him local star... LMAO!

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)
selected by
+4 votes

Don't Worry Kyon Ki Abhi

Tiger Zinda Hai

by Location Manager (7.5k points)
+2 votes

The data is correct.
2017 : TZH (excl Bahubali 2)

by Production Accountant (24.8k points)
+2 votes

Tiger zinda hoga kisi jungle mae lekin KING raaj karta hai sari duniya mae even after giving 15cr opening minus 1.5cr gst thats 13.5cr n lifetime 65cr...Dnt forget biggest highest grosser of year is still kings RAESS that too with Clash clash huh clash... agar solo aati toh dangal ukhad deta. agar jhms tepk clash hota toh jhms tepk ke thothe uda deta.... Dnt underestimate Global kingu nai toh itni lambi list denge tumhe to show he is world biggest superstar in world padke migraine ajayega lekin tumme koi movie records nai milenge...

by Unit Manager (30.8k points)
+1 vote

Yeah mahn And with the help of sunny Leone item song he is gonna kill it..

by Director (123k points)

Kuch samajh me nahi aya


http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/593356/after-success-dangal-regarding-bollywoods-popular-worldwide iss post pe mene jo daave kiye the wo aur bhi majboot ho gaya iss post se. Sachchai kuch bhi ho magar statistics hamare favour me hai

–2 votes

2010 Eid Holiday
2011 Eid Holiday
2012 Eid Holiday
2014 Day after Diwali
2015 Day after Diwali
2016 Eid Holiday (partial)
Kyunki har time holiday jaruri hota hai.....

by Director (129k points)

Little bit correction... 2010 was day before Eid not Eid holiday.


Bro don't have any problems with the post but kyunki sabka baap abhi Zinda hai this is not tolerable...


I know... That's why I didn't say anything below ur comments and in this this ans too. I just corrected u regarding Dabang. Nothing else.

–3 votes

2010 : MNIK not released in Mumbai on Day 1 therefore missed ₹4cr while difference with Dabangg is only ₹3cr. Leave that even, MNIK grossed $800k Premiere Overseas, include that it had the Day 1 quite easily.
2011 : RAONE missed due to Diwali release in India and mid week in Overseas. Bodyguard released on Eid Day.
2012 : Again JTHJ was Diwali Day release along with Clash while Mid week in Overseas
2013 : Dhoom 3 annihilated records
2014 : HNY
2015 : Dilwale missed due to clash. Even a solo Non Holiday release would have meant record.
2016 : Sultan had no competition with best ever date a film could get
2017 : Saaho Re Baahubali

Except Dhoom 3 all were Holiday release while other Khan in same year didn't had one so basically No comparison at all. It's like saying Kick did only 24cr in same year while HNY did 50% more. Kaun Baap? Holiday.

by Super-star (169k points)

Let him give thousands of shitty excuses... The is Salman has delivered 5 WW record openers and their so called global star has delivered only 1 WW record opener... Hahaha.


Yeah Diwali Day is excuse. Holiday release for Salman Khan is excuse. Bhailods.


WTH has stopped Srk to release his movies on holiday?


rothe rothe likna koi jatinder from batinder se sikhe... bas kar pagle tsunami layega kya... well in wch circuit jhms got banned bcoz u predicted 30cr net n 37cr gross.. but real fig came 15cr... let us know banned circuit for jhms... this time likte waqt thoda kam rona k..

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