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asked in General by Location Manager (7.3k points)
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such a shameless post when confirm ATBB Tubelight failed to cross clashed Raees.....still the biggest grosser of year

cry babies

12 Answers

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None other than World's biggest superstar cum global king cum Akki se Darr ke bhagnewala man...

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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You should enjoy his downfall if that gives you happiness.

I've no enmity with Srk. But SRKians always chant nonsense on Salman...They had crossed every limit during Tubelight release... Which makes me to post negative things on Srk.

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92cr talaash in 2012 was trolled and see now. "KARMA".

answered by Second Unit Director (70.9k points)
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I am extremely happy to see SRK fall badly this time. Its his way of knowing what happens when you take your fans for granted. A crap film will not work, no matter whosever it stars.

answered by Cinematographer (92.7k points)

Many bad films do big business also.

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Ex-Member of KHANs Trio 'Shah rukh khan'.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)
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counting negatives and positives .... JHMS's 60cr is more of less equal to Baahubalis 1500cr..... so i think at least and all time blockbuster.......

secondly movie is underrated..... not in terms of quality but in terms of its ability to kill human specie or leave them mentally unstable.

answered by Director (137k points)

Both JHMS and Tubelight fall in this category

+2 votes

When audience met disappointment actor, isn't he?

answered by Unit Manager (30.6k points)
+2 votes

His next Dwarf wld also join the same club.

It's a shame for Aamir and Salman to put this floppie in the same league as them.

answered by Camera Operator (8.3k points)

But no shame in comparing them in their entire career.

That i agree with u.

+1 vote

A star who gave 15 cr opening with a top heroine,his best genre Romantic genre, with huge promtions.

answered by Location Manager (5k points)
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dont know about that but heard recently that salman opened a new 100Cr club. 100Cr+ losses. great achievement by the disaster king himself

answered by Unit Manager (32.3k points)

lol.......................... india aint the only country in the world where movies make money

Toh tune other countries ka mention kaha pe kiya tha?

And humne kab kaha ki Tubelight>>>JHMS in overseas?

@Thekai check here .U l get the answer

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We should wait for his next.

answered by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
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Yeah, SRK is bad phase, Even his Raees is just 128.77 crs which is way lesser then ATBB Salman-Kabir combo which ran havoc on eid this year and is one of most loved movie of recent years..!!

Wait..?? Am i confusing years..??

answered by Super-star (193k points)

Yes ur confusing years ... bcoz that loved movie is 200cr ahead than srks loved best movie after cdi.... yes ur confusing years......

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People are very smart.... they have become very choosy about content.
Aur yaha jhms to kai fans ne hi na dekhi.

answered by Assistant Director (43.1k points)