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Chak De India

this was the power of his acting that while watching this movie in cinema still remember the praise he got and the tears that were bought in to eyes of everyone while  watching it , many were saying "IS BANDE KO BOLNE Ki ZARORAt HE NAHI ANKHEEN KAFEE HAI" he charm every single fan with his unique acting and expressions. He recieved applaud from everywhere .Many were saying What a movie.


This was the scene which made me feel proud of SRK, Epic Scene and Will remain always my fav film.

Where is this SRK lost who made films like CDI, Swades, Devdas, KHNH, Paheli,RNBJ,VeerZara.

why i dont get the feeling of a proud fan while watching HNY, Dilwale, JHMS.

As a fan i am losing hope in SRK with every release , leave the neutral audience alone. blame me i didnt watched JHMS because i didnt want to get disappointed, i was a Fan whole will never miss a SRK movie since 2003. Its high Time SRK change his business mind and focus on what he does better. Else neutral will always avoid his movies even a hardcore fan like me will avoid him too,

There is no question of Stardom unless your fan feels disappointed while watching your movie, Raees and fan bought some hope that SRK will go for Content but alas he will always have a business mind rather then actor mind. To be honest i dont have hope in SRK DWARF movie anymore, unless Anand Rai does the unthinkable and if Dwarf movie worked big time it will be because of Anand Rai concept rather then SRK.
asked in General by Unit Manager (39.1k points)
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Not stardom bro. Business...........

answered by Unit Manager (32.1k points)

its stardom bro, he took his fan following for granted he thought they will watch whatever crap he makes, Stardom made him businessman and the most blame goes to RCE

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I agree. Till about 2014 or so SRK was my second favourite after hrithik. He did such amazing films back then, from cdi to swades to mnik to his romantic classics. Of late except for fan everything is below the mark.

SRK is not finished, he still has the star power to give a 250-300cr grosser, but he is not willing to work hard for it, he is happy making crappy films, recite his ddlj, don dialogues in public and basically live off his past success, taking his most devoted fan base for granted.He needs a makeover now. Leave the past behind, and trust your directors more, I am sure if he lets anand rai do his thing, dwarf is a potential 300cr grosser.

answered by Editor (87.7k points)

agree, all credit will go to Anand rai if movie worked,top 2 superstars of previous decade are falling badly with every release , RCE playing big role in SRK down fall, where as Rakesh roshan Playing big part in Hrithik Downfall, Hrithik would have been huge while accepting Baahubali and Thug of Hindustan.

Hr is reponsible for his own mess. Wasted two years for mjo with bad vfx and 80's style revenge drama. Bahubali would have made him a mass sensation. Ab I just hopr krrish4 takes time and we get to see a quality product. I dont want rr to rush it just to clash with shahrukh.

they must have settle their ego as well, Kaabil released solo would atleast have been a hit with 120cr collection and Raees solo would have got around 180 cr solo both suffered due to clash.hope so they avoid clash again as both are struggling to get hits and clash would hurt their chances more.

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According to JHMS....What you seek is seeking you...so may be he was seeking failure.

Actual reason is, he is trying hard to break records but failing every time only and only because of this kind of mindset. He has no idea how to select script, his team is shit and failing to research the market and what people want.

Bollywood on the whole failing to give something new to the people, giving excuses about returns while on the other hand you see what happened to baahubali. It was a shit movie but still way too different than all Indian movies. People went to watch that movie, be it south, east or west, but when it comes to bollywood, our "Superstars" and directors are still keeping huge ego and not willing to give anything new to the people and they will continue to fail in future too. They HAVE to change their mindset otherwise all the good work they did in past will be washed out.

Now, his next is Dwarf love story....that is a piece of shit. You cant make same story and just cut an inch of a person and call it different. People are bored with shitty bollywood love stories. Love story is love story and any persons height does not make it any different. SRK is a big failure due to his ego and he will not get any good movies from any directors. Only thing he can do is work on his project Ra.One 2 and create something big and different. He dont require to play a lead hero in that, yet he can still have a mature and meaningful role for himself in Ra.One 2. Otherwise he is a dead meat.

answered by Production Designer (15.3k points)

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