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+5 votes
As we know as of now only one strong contender for hgoty in 2018 is TOH but wait if rumour mills to be believed then Race 3 is coming to give tough time to thugs for hgoty in 2018 , if Salman gives his nod to race 3 then this movie will have a strong chance to be hgoty beating thugs ,and top on that compilation for hgoty next year gonna very tough between race 3 vs thugs while so called 3rd contender Dwarf won't be in the race any more coz dwarf won't get solo release anymore . So now give your honest opinions over race 3 vs thugs
in Box Office Related by Production Accountant (25.5k points)
73% Accept Rate

10 Answers

+2 votes

Salman will make race3 really cool but honestly I never liked this franchisee. I liked the first movie in parts but the second was bad. I will still say toh for hgoty. Aamir khan plus yrf plus good script.........dream combo. Race3 can be a blockbuster but hgoty....i have my doubts.

by Star (140k points)

If salman does race 3 then toh will have 50% chances to b hgoty coz thugs is not any content movie it is actioner just like race 3 or dhoom it will have only blood shed and nothing else


Tanveer, personally I feel salman should not do race3. Abbas mustan are good at ripping off hollywood movies, content hoga nahi khaas. Regarding toh, it is based on a novel called confessions of a thug by Phillip Meadows Taylor, proper story hogi bhai.

+1 vote

Aamir in a full on commercial movie is any day a better chances to score over others so i am sure that the TOH will be the HGOTY , not only the lifetime even the opening will be record breaking.

by Director (129k points)

Opening To Race 3 Ki Rahengi
Full Confident Hai


No chance Screenshot le lo TOH Opening > Salman 2018 film opening..
Only thing comparison should be valid only if they both release on non holiday or holiday..



Jo Hona Hai Woh Hokar Rahega

+1 vote

If Both Movie Same Equation
Content+Free Week
No Doubt Race 3 50-70 cr More
Compare To TOH
Before Release
My Bet
Because Amir Khan Choose Good Script

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
+1 vote

Right now, Aamir khan in full commercial release in bigger than anything else except Bahubali kind of thing.

So my vote goes to ToH

by Camera Operator (9.6k points)
edited by
+1 vote

Definitely ToH.. You are never sure about the content of Race3, ToH having Aamir so it would be good in the worst case.

by Director (135k points)
+1 vote

i want this whole thing to be spiced up a little more....... i want a thugs of hindostan vs race 3 clash..... i dont care if industry loses 500-1000-50000000000 crore

but wait....

what if race 3 ... also has great supporting cast as well?? like salman khan hero sanjay dutt villain katrina kaif heroine

both solo movies..... it'll be tough competition.... and everything will boil down to content .... as opening of both movies will be historic

only murugadoss can do justice to a race movie with salman khan in it.

as of now.... both TOH release date is uncertain and so is race 3.

by Star (153k points)

Katrina race 1 mein Baghwan ko pyaari hogaye thi.


0 votes

I will put my money on TOH.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
0 votes

Only thinking of Tiger Zinda Hain as of now

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
0 votes

Well both movies have bad directors, but ToH will have more time to prepare and perfect itself so I would go with ToH, though the reshooting stuff has made me doubt it's​ prospects.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
0 votes

Race 3 with right treatment & scale would take around 9 months means it will either target Xmas 18 or 2019.

by Production Accountant (25.5k points)

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