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The much awaited and anticipated SRK starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal released yesterday with amazing mass hysteria
The film has opened to 15.25cr on 3200screens
This figure looks very small but here comes the real value theory yess the much talked during tubelight real value theory agains come into play
After adding the real value theory the collections of JHMS is behind only to baahubali and jagga jassos

Baahubali 2 which released in april this year created history by making 121cr on first day the record was later broken by jagga jassos which minted 132cr on its opening day as reported by thunder bird box office
JHMS which was expected to beat both has failed but on comparing all 3 films Baahubali was a big budget multiple languages hyped release whereas JHMS only had SRK  
So here too SRK wins

The first day is 15.25cr but the genre is very niche and rom-com
As rom-com genre had died we should add atleast 15cr for SRK to do a film like this
Also the director Imtiaz ali who is known to make for a specific section also reduced the collections so adding 10cr for the director

The film had same occupancy as tubelight but the screens were low so adding full seat value and assuming it would have released on 4500screens lets add 20cr
Also the film only had a hindi release and was not dubbed in telugu tamil malyalam oriya punjabi bihari marathi english so that costed 20cr to the film

Also the film was fighting pre rakshabandhan effect which affected to first day  collections so taking that on account 10cr more added
 And here comes the main reason pathetic marketing and lack of chartbuster music affected the film very badly and costed 20 more cr

Also the collections were hit big time by negative reviews so if the film had good wom it would have grossed 10cr extra
So after applying real valur theory the first day collection of JHMS is 120.25cr
which is just shy of baahubali opening day

Although Jagga Jassos opening day is out of reach but Ranbir kapoor is megastar
His craze and stardom is unmatched so no film in near future can break his records
But SRK again proved his Global Megastardom by almost beating Baahubali with niche rom-com movie
Source Link: SSK Box Office
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3 Answers

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Best answer

Hahahahaha.... Fantastic job @SSK Box Office. 120.25cr nett on first day! Global Megastar ko beat karna mushkil hi nhi naa-mumkin hain... !

by Unit Manager (39.5k points)
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This recoed well stay safe till dwarf on next Christmas
Dwarf will be targeting 200cr on day 1


Certainly this is safe until Dwarf release... Kiski itni mazal ki Global king ki record tod sake

+4 votes

Actually ypur data is factually wrong, first of all JJ day one is 143.5 crs, because it was later revised, so the latest day 1 is 143.5 crs

Secondly, the pathetic & horrendous marketing stratergy affected way more then you wrote..!!

Thridly, what about trailer releasing late, it also has an effect, but you failed to mention it..!!

Fourth, what about the unreleased songs, the songs which were unreleased, if released would had been a tool of building buzz, hence better opening, who'll take that into account..??

Fifth, the title, the totle of movie is so pathetic that people don't go to theatres cause they feel embarresed to ask for tickets, even i won't buy ticket at counter, because i don't want to utter that horrible title, so that affected too..!!

So you see, you are an amateur and must refrain from making such articles ever again, because if you want to troll then troll fully, not with plotholes like acting of Lucifer's face maker fav star Ranbir Kapoor, or else your article ends up like this, empty, half filled, factually incorrect and dumbed down version of a better article..!!

And don't edit now, please don't..!!

by Mega Star (217k points)


I agree i am an amateur
The points you mentioned were in my mind but it would have been too long to type
And i am a lazy person
Really sorry for the unprofessionalism shown by me
But there was no article on the revised collection of JJ by TBBO
So that is your mistake
You see in upcoming days SSK box office will give tough fight to Thunder Bird Box Office
Just wait and watch


You can only give competition, but can't beat THUNDER BOX OFFICE, because you will make article on only JHMS and troll articles.

But TBO makes articles on every movie, plus they sometimes makes serious articles, so don't even think about it..!!


so now self proclaimed leader of SRKian in chat room and forum would decide that which user is fan of which star.?

p. s. zin i can understand your love / respect for tb. but hiding some answers won't make me respect you and this forum much


Well i said Ranbir is your favourite star, SRK is despite this fiasco a superstar, so I'm right technically..!!


technically I'm your wellwisher too! we already have to fight with khan fans.. was there any need to insult other stars out of control? remember you're just bringing hatred for SRK. . Who's rk? he's just a good actor! not for all and that's okay.

but when you think RK is next SRK. . when you react on that statement.. You're fool!

+2 votes

LOL.Only SRK can beat this record.

75cr LT ke bhi lalle padhe hue hai woh bhi apne strongest genre mein.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

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