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They have already started giving excuses like JHMS a niche/urban film and also blaming the marketing/promotion of the film. Matlab kuch bhi ho World's biggest superstar ka stardom pe sawal nahin uthane denge

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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Nope, i think opening depends on Macho image and well........ummm.... Macho image..??

Yeah, macho, bade aaraam se..!!

by Mega Star (214k points)

Beech beech mein..

Afsana tera mera chatkare wala
Beech beech mein
Sur lag jaata hai mera tumhare wala
Beech beech mein

Beech beech mein..

Afsana tera mera chatkare wala
Beech beech mein
Sur lag jaata hai mera tumhare wala
Beech beech mein

Shola shola saansein badh rahi
Aaja tu leke paani waani
Badlega bhi status
Kanware wala beech beech mein

Afsana tera mera chatkare wala
Beech beech mein

Beech beech mein..


Khushkhabri aisi mili hai
Uchhalne lage hum hawa mein
Poori huyi dil ki tamanna
Bada hi asar tha duaa mein

Ban-than ke baal bana ke
Joota polish karwa ke
Naachenge hum ta-ta-thaiya

Sajan Radio… oo…
Bajaiyo bajaiyo bajaiyo zara
Sajan Radio… oo…
Bajai ke sabhi ko nachaiyo zara
Sajan Radio… oo..
Bajaiyo bajaiyo bajaiyo zara


Its done similar occupancy to Tubelight just the numbers are lower due to smaller release.

0 votes

From Buzz to opening to content to almost everything SRK screwed up big time. Stardom is not the factor, his lack of brains are.

He has the starpower, he always has had it................................but he is a delusional being who thinks some twitter fan club is enjoying his films or the crowd that stands at Mannat loves his films. He is not aware of the ground realities, or he pretends to ignore them.

by Star (143k points)

He blocks people on Twitter by taking an offense to those criticize about his films. That's soo immature not even Akki, Ajay, Aamir, Hrithik or even Sunny Deol would do that because they don't need anybody's certificate.


Agree. He is making movies for SRK universe, not for a larger stream of audience.

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Stardom definitely depends on opening... Just few months ago he delivered a 20cr opening with clash against a Hrithik starrer...Without Raees you could say that his stardom is sinking but here JHMS just proves that Srk should stop doing romance now...The era of romance is over and now he should focus on social drama movies with universal appeal. As BOI said superstars should do movies with good appeal. Dwarf is still a risky project considering the budget and Srk playing a dwarf. But its definitely one of the biggest movies and biggest collaboration of Bollywood. Good that there is still a 1.5 year gap between JHMS and Dwarf. Audience will heel and Srkians will eagerly wait for an Srk starrer. Buzz will be high and that's the best way to strike the right chords. All eyes on Dwarf now. 2018 is going to be big with ToH, Dwarf and a Salman movie of course. Let's hope for the best!

by Director (135k points)

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