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asked in Trolls by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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Understand what you're trying to say but the last one(DZ article) doesnt make any sense. It clearly says the body double was used to "dupe" the crowd, meaning to distract them.

But yeah, besides that, its not unusual for any star(including SRK) to use a body double, be it for action sequences or for those shots/scenes "from behind". I mean, who'd know if its them from behind.

Fully agree with you. But I guess Salman also have many fans and the Tubelight makers might have used the same tactic DZ makers used. BTW, this post's purpose is to prove that SRK also uses body double, not to analysis the reasons. Warna reasons toh Salman ke body double use karne ka bhi kaafi strong hai. But Salman haters cannot see that and always chant nonsense on his body double. Eg- http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/593948/does-salman-duplicate-for-even-action-films-scenes-checkout

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Most of the superstars uses the body double for few scenes. On topic yes SRK also use body double and you have already proved it.

answered by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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