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+3 votes
in Movies by Production Designer (15.9k points)
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7 Answers

+2 votes

Increased among the Online people. Its yet to reach ground level. So more few days . I hope they show trailer with Mubarakan as its and Mass comedy film so JHMS will get some publicity.

Anyways trailer isnt WOW ki chalo pakka dekte hai this film , its like its fine trailer and doesnt really generate that curiosity for outside Metro audience. So lets see what opening it takes,

by Producer (108k points)

Bro, a few months ago I made a post on ur analysis (on Twitter)... Credited you but didn't know that you are also on the forum... http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/556241/top-5-biggest-hits-of-each-month-since-1994-adjusted-nett

+2 votes

I think yes.But not to that great extent.Will take some time.But response is good.Fingers crossed!!!!

by Star (145k points)
+2 votes

Don't think it has increased the buzz..Trailer couldn't make any difference..
It's a love story and no songs are Chartbuster till now.So they should release a sad song and a romantic song which is must to increase the buzz of movie like this.

by Director (132k points)
+1 vote

It has gone up for sure, but more needs to be done. No one saw the mini teasers in the theatre, a few of my friends who went for JJ or MM did not see it either. The trailer needs to be out more actively on TV and in theatres for it to make a bigger splash.

by Director (121k points)
+1 vote

yes but still its just about okay.
Imo Jhms opening day collection will be around 20 cr & might even cross TL looking at all factors (corporate booking etc) & assuming that buzz will further increase in the last few days like Ce.

by Production Accountant (23k points)
+1 vote

Seemingly. I am in Pakistan, so I can't say, but the coverage on social media and other sites has increased. let's see.

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)
+1 vote

It has increased the buzz to a certain level but Diplo song is the last weapon they are hiding till now.. I guess it will create some good hype like Chammak Challo (of course not saying a chartbuster like Chammak Challo).

by Director (135k points)

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