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This is as historic as it gets.Dangal is only Indian movie in Top 50 All-Time highest rated list of IMDB. It stands in league and above many top rated classic Hollywood movies. Epic !Dangal be it Boxoffice, Critic Review, User Ratings from any Movie Database, all inclusive is greatest Indian movie of all-time.

Source Link: http://www.imdb.com/search/title?groups=top_250&sort=user_rating
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Undoubtedly Dangal is a pride of India and Indian film industry...!

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Its become a regular thing for aamir khan, to break records, make India proud......dangal released in the last month of 2016 and it still continues to break records.

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Feeling Proud.
Thanks Aamir Khan.

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Chris nolan has 2 in top 5. Just mindblowing. I think 20 years later we might declare Nolan as the greatest of all time.

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he is already the greatest.


Yeah. For me and many he is greatest. But its just a matter of time everyone accepts it.

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God Of Indian Cinema They Said, Well Said.

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This is the power of extra-ordinary cinema and brilliant acting. Great achievement and proud moment for bollywood.

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