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Which CRICKETER has the biggest following in the following Countries :

+4 votes
1.    INDIA

2.    Pakistan

3.    England

4.    Australia

5.    Sri Lanka

According to me in INDIA :

SRT > MSD >...
asked Jul 22, 2017 in Sports Related by God Father Production Accountant (21,490 points)
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edited Jul 22, 2017 by God Father

Followed by afridi tho likh do bhai...

Right now Imran khan is famous and hv following mostly due to politics

i disagree.......Imran Khan created a lot better hysteria if we try to find what Imran Khan was in those days......Afridi is not much loved outside his cricket n good looks.....also not a bachelor which IK was....for cricket, IK was a class and reliable all rounder plus a far better captain....a captain who resigned in 1987 after World Cup but asked by President of Pakistan to comeback n lead the nation n then he goes to West Indies n drew the series, an unheard thing at that time for any team......his marriage was the center of attraction which Afridi missed (as it helps popularity in women) ....even today, he is considered by many as the most eligible bachelor in Pakistan....obviously politics today plays n important or the most important role in his popularity but he is popular for last 40years
one more thing, due to his popularity n people's belief in him, he created the only private Cancer hospital in the World which treats 70%+ of its patients freely.........i think in 1989, he was again going to resign but he was told by doctors that IF YOU WILL NOT PLAY CRICKET, CANCER HOSPITAL DREAM WILL DIE.....so his popularity went so high after winning World Cup that people in love gave so much money that Cancer hospital came into existence.....so, hospital is directly linked with Imran-THE CRICKETER's popularity
criticism Afridi faced of being an unreliable player throughout his career also dented his popularity....but that is also true that his critics also was afraid of his unpredictability n no other person i think in last 20yrs created that kind of excitement which Afridi created cz of his unpredictability
if u wanna see a glimpse of Khan's time period 1987, (the interviewer himself was a very popular n a Legendary anchor and actor who was also admired a lot by Dilip Kumar saab, jst in case u think he is jst doing buttering)

ok. great one. i was waiting for a pakstani to clarify this. seems like he is SRT of pak.

5 Answers

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Best answer

India- God of cricket, bharat ratna >>>>>>>>>>> Dhoni. Kohli will be the next time to this list, but another 5 years needed.

Pakistan- Imran khan>>>>> Afridi

Sri lanka- Sanga= Murali>>>>>>>>>>Mahela, sanath( not too sure, just an estimate)

Bangaldesh- Again not too sure, it could be like- Shakib>>> mahsrafe.

answered Jul 22, 2017 by Intense Producer (103,773 points)
selected Jul 23, 2017 by God Father

mahn...in bd masheafee is way more popular than shakib.

@sihan, yes was not aware, hence I wrote not too sure, good to know that.

+3 votes

Among current and former cricketers who r alive -------> BHARAT RATNA SIR SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR .

answered Jul 22, 2017 by Charlie runkle™ Producer (119,141 points)
+3 votes

In India, Sachin Tendulkar's following>>>>>>>>Combined followings of all other cricketers

answered Jul 22, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (36,026 points)

Agree 100%.
God >>>>>>>>rest.

Absolutely agreed.

+1 vote

india...sachin followed by dhoni
Pakistan... imran khan followed by afridi (worldwide afridi is more popular, one of few cricket superstarss)
Bangladesh. ..Mashrafee followed by shakib, tamim
These are obvious... Not sure about rest.

answered Jul 22, 2017 by sihan Editor (87,824 points)

now u hv come to ur aukaat.... india ka population. I fully agree including india sachin >>>afridi. but the point was outside own country.. where india ka 130cr population ka advantage bhi afridi ko jaata. lol
and brother it wasn't my logic... aap itne besharam kaise ho sakte hai? u threw me stone but that falled on u..hahaha

Now you've come to your real aukaat, i.e chameleonism... Populations logic is yours, you brought it here with Bangladesh's population.... But shamelessly calling me Besharam... Hahaha. Pata nahi ye social media aur kaise kaise namuno se milwayega!

See ur shameless comments, .@sihan Bhaijaan, don't mind...kahi aap Bangladesh ko worldwide toh nhi samajh rahe ho naa?
Low iq they say...well said

Called you Bhaijaan... Also requested u to not mind.... Isme bura lagne wala kya baat hai? Upar wala bachaye aise bewakufo se

+1 vote

Without even a second thought "The Sachin Tendulkar".

answered Jul 22, 2017 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (20,687 points)

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