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If fan can do less than 20cr and if Shahrukh is still superstar , u can't judge ranbir based on one film. Isme galat kya hai?. Why are u hiding my post?..... R u alright man?.....


1st, FAN had 19cr plus opening day. How many Aamir Khan films has 19cr plus opening day?? Just 3. Even RK has 2. Still Aamir Khan Super Star. right??
anyway SRK is not related with this post, so hiding it.
2nd, I am not saying RK is Superstar. I am saying he is biggest among the young stars.
3rd, "u can't judge ranbir based on one film Dutt"
agree. You also can not judge Ranbir on a Bombay Velvet or a long delayed film Jagga Jasoos. Because except these 2 films, all of his films from 2010-2016 had Good opening. What about that??


Sure I said less than 20cr...... So why hide my post?....... What i meant to say was fan opening affect Shahrukh's stardom similarly one dutt can't be judged. U hid that for no reason. There are 2 up votes also for that....... You can talk with other mods and take the decision coz u are clearly biased here man.....


"What i meant to say was fan opening affect Shahrukh's stardom similarly one dutt can't be judged"
agar ye line answer pe dhang se likh diya hota to answer hide nehi hota bt you already said "can't say" and bring SRK. chalo reshow kar deta hun. edit karo

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To be frank he is still the biggest among new generation ( Ranveer/ Varun/Arjun/ Shahid /sushant). only Varun has been running with a successful streak from debut yet he hasn't given any real big grosser ( like yjhd) . due to his success rate many consider him ahead which can be justified too by them but I will consider him ahead if judwa 2 opens to 22 cr. in opening ( non holiday).

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For your kind information, from media to industry insiders to stars fans, everyone is a calling Sanjay Dutt biopic a Raju Hirani film not Ranbir film, at the first place. Today, Raju Hirani is the 4th biggest brand after the Khans. Hence, no matter how much Sanju biopic collects (10cr or 30cr) lions share of credits will go the brand Raju Hirani.

Let's have an example. Sushant Singh Rajput starrer MSD biopic collected 21cr on opening day. Does it mean SSR is capable of delivering 21cr openers and he is a huge crowd puller? Absolutely not.... Then how can you judge Ranbir's stardom on the basis of Sanju biopic???

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What a logic man. So if adhm and yjhd open well, it is ranbir kapoor's star power. When bv, tamasha, jj open poorly, then? That is imtiaz, anurag kashyap/basu's fault?

Whatever money dutt makes on its first day will be hirani's power, who himself became a mega director due to aamir khan.


@Intense Tamasha had a AVERAGE opening, not poor.
and it didn't had Chartbuster music or a great director or banner.
BOI article "Tamasha had a good opening in the major cities of 35% plus while business in smaller cities was low at around 20%. Overall the opening is fair and the film should put up a decent first day total on the board"
and Opening Day was close to 11cr despite being a Urban film.
How much opening you want from this then?? 15cr??
Only Bombay Velvet and Jagga Jasoos are poor opening and both were wrong films to open Decent.
Tell me how much opening these 2 films will get if Akki or HR was in lead role??
No one is saying its Anurag Kashyap or Anurag Basu fault for opening!!
Directors don't have any contribution in Opening.
Thing is that, if it is a wrong film it will open poor even with other big star except Khans.


@baadshah did you mean that Sanjay Dutt image has a brand value??!! come on yaar. he is a dead superstar and public in this century don't care about him. Actually public don't care Movie Stars Real life style, story. If Star is from 90s and Star status is dead now then it is even worst. Even few days back you guys used to say that "It is needless biopic". but now


i did not say it a needless biopic.......n its apparently not even a proper biopic, it has Sanjay Dutt's happy side of life.......the good image he has.....during promotions, people will be reminded by whole industry that how good Sanjay Dutt is......its not that people even think abt Sanjay now, i agree.......but people will be reminded how good Sanjay Dutt is, the industry will create that vibe.....different level of promotions (self promotion) it will have........except RSS, everything will be positive abt it.....maybe music will not be that good.....but even a decent trailer of a happy kinda Rajkumar style film will make people crave for that film....this is how i m seeing......Sanjay Dutt will be portrayed as a man of Golden heart.....n that part of Sanjay Dutt matters a lot.......i think.....but who knows if my perception turns out to be wrong

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Tiger said it all. Why did you not make this post on 13th July asking how much should JJ open with to prove ranbir's position amongst young stars?

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LOL! OUATIM ya dusre films se comparasion ka kya Matlab? Anjana-Anjani 1st day was 6cr. Highest non holiday opening day was Dabang - 14.55cr not Ready. So 9cr opening of Rockstar wasn't poor but obviously not excellent. Roy was promoted as a Ranbir film and also it had the best music album of the year. A film (Tamasha) made on 87cr budget and clctd only 10cr...isko poor nhi toh kya bologe? Genre's excuse won't work due very high budget. And we all know the stories of BV and JJ.. . So no explanation for them.


@tiger this is what BOI article said about Anjana Anjani opening.
"Anjaana Anjaani Fantastic Opening Robot (Hindi) Slow Start
Saturday 2nd October 2010 09.00 IST
Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
Anjaana Anjaani took a fantastic start at multiplexes. There were release issues at places as some cities were shut until afternoon due to security concerns after the Ayodhya decision. The reports are mixed but it should emerge a winner on the strength of its superb opening and youth patronisation. Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Punjab had a bumper opening"

Rockstar had 5th best opening day in 2011 but its not excellent wow!!!

"Genre's excuse won't work due very high budget"
wah, over budget kab se film ka boxoffice potential increase kar raha hain. uss hisab se Bajirao ki opening disaster thi q ki 145cr budget ki film sirf 12cr kiya opening day pe!!!!


"over budget kab se film ka boxoffice potential increase kar raha hai".... Always... Makers spend huge amounts keeping in mind that outcome will be also huge... Agar jyada budget se jyada recovery ki ummid nhi hai toh fir makers Utne paise invest kyu karte hai??? Your BM example is so weird... We both know the circumstance very well... So I'm not answering that part...


@tiger that 87cr budget is inflated, you know how BOI give budget. Actual budget will be around 70-75 crore.
Makers spended this huge money on a urban film, Yes but they can have recovery too by selling tv rights, music rights, digital, theatrical in domestic and overseas. That 70-75 crore already recovered for producers Nadiadwala. But Tamasha is FLOP due to its high distribution price which these foreign distributors like Disney, Fox themselves offer to producers. Aab agar tum 3rd party ho kar meri film ki halat na samajh k khud over confident hoke mujhpe jayada investment karo to main thodi na tumhe na karunga. Disney closing its business in India because they don't understand Indian BO business and what Indian audience want.

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Ranbir Kapoor simply can't get the superstar tag untill he start giving big opening atleast in 16-18 Cr range on a regular basic...
Even Varun dhawan is more consistent than Ranbir Kapoor , yes he is also not ready to jump to superstar league but atleast he is very consistent unlike Ranbir who is struggling for a double digit opening for most of the time (even after doing less number of movies)...
Hirani after working with Aamir khan is now on top league of directors along with Rohit Shetty, Karan johar so in case of Sanjay duty biopic its buzz is already on good level but Ranbir Kapoor is hardly adding anything from his side..

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Super Hit



Ranbir Kapoor Future Super Star

Some People Think
Khan Finish
Tab Se


Chennai Express Record Broken
Result Flop

Bombay Velvet







Hit(Dharma Production)

Dharma Production

Se Yaad Aaya
Srkian Dekh Lo

Jagga Jasoos



Dekhte Hai

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The question should be shall we start considering Ranbir in league of vanished actor like imran Khan if dutt Biopic also won't work?

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Nope, ranbir will stay bigger than hrithik in that case too. . He has the power to keep giving big flops till 2020 and still be ahead of hr, ajay, akki etc.

Extraordinary talent flows through him.........................................

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One fan opening can't affect Shahrukh's stardom similarly one dutt can't be judged

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U mean background songs?...... And lead actor of dangal was heroine still did 30cr better than lead actor superstar in fan lol.........

Jabra fan ho gaya..............


ya it happens... bahubali 100cr bhi kiya. after all it was dangal girl. and no, not background song, supporting actor didn't had song doesn't mean film was songless...lead actor had


Ya bahubali and dangal girls bigger than jabra fan


dangal girl bigger than dangal man in own film gaana nehi mili tohh ro raha hai

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He needn't prove anything. He is right there at number 5 behind Khans and Akshay Kumar. It is only his experimenting nature which cost him openings else see his last 5 films universal films.
ADHM : ₹13cr Pre Diwali & Clash (almost equal to ₹20cr on a Normal day and solo)
Besharam : 2nd Highest Non Khan Opening with Bulk of Pre Release Negativity
YJHD : Highest Non Holiday Opening and Weekend
Rockstar : Again near ₹10cr Opening, only 4th time a Non Khan film to had so if I get it right (2 out of these were RK starrer)
Rajneeti : 2nd & Highest Non Khan ₹10cr Opener

Even consider opening of films like Tamasha and Jagga Jasoos. None of Varun and Ranveer is capable of doing so.

Now regarding Hrithik. Well I take both as same. Ranbir leads Hrithik clearly in North while in South barring AP/Nizam both can be same. Now in Mumbai, CP, CI, Bihar and West Bengal it's about what sort of film is as both are not a big force (barring Mumbai in these).

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It needs to break Baahubali's Sunday collections on opening day, then maybe we'll think about it..!!

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It has to score high so that putting other factors aside, Judwaa will also be big

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Opening of 20 cr+ ....................

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After reading the comments I realised that..according to the haters or trollers of RK it's the director's magic if the film is hit and RK's fault if it's a flop. Honestly speaking, Ranbir has already proved that he is the best actor of this generation and box - office records can't define him as an actor. So called superstars (Khans , akki, hr) have nearly 30% films as hits in their whole career. Except of Varun no one has all the films hit.. and Ranbir has long way to go. No matter how #Sanju performs at the box office....It won't define him as an actor... It will only define the Indian audience and their taste of film...So this discussion is pointless.

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Omg!! Khans are so called superstars acc to him.... Hahaha

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