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+3 votes
in Reviews by Production Designer (13.3k points)
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This is a old video review.

8 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer

I never supported him during tubelight nor will I support him now. Yes he some sense of knowledge regarding box office, but mostly he is an attention seeking wannabe.

The trailer is good, nothing great, it should be a hit at least, which depends on direction and a story which needs to be entertaining and engaging.

by Director (136k points)
selected by

Yaar aap bahut unbiased yaa seedhe ho gaye ho. Aesse tou kuch arse mein forum chor do ge bore ho kar....Jabb hrithik ko koi burra kehta tha our phir aap jawab mein burra kehte the, woh dinn best the




Filman, na bhai, I am on this forum, will stay. . Point is earlier some salman fans used to bash salman fans due to one hrithik fan and i used to cross the line as well.

Reality men I watch all films of salman and I have no issues with him or any other star. (Ranbir ko bolta hun, par he is not a star). Jawaab ab bhi deta hun main.....bas control men reh kar, ab wo puraane wale intense vaapas nahi aayega. This is the new revamped version and it will stay.

+4 votes

Imtiaz love aaj kal was so huge in 2009....... I'm sure if JHMS the movie clicks it will do much more

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)
edited by

Tabiyat to theek hai na kashyap?? itna meetha likega to diabetes ho jayegi srkians ko


Ace Aamir God etc ye sab expect karte ha hum tujhse!!!!

+3 votes

Is this a coincidence that all are writing the same thing? ... fingers r going against maahh will... Noohh...........Krk was Srkians favourite critic during Tubelight release, I don't know what they will say now.... ..................Woaaah.. It's magical or isthere a a curse on this post? I too wrote the same answer, but I didn't want to...

by Director (123k points)

There was no answer when I had started writing the answer... After posting the ans I saw that Shah had already posted an answer, which was very similar to mine... After couple of minutes later two more answers were found with similar story...Fir aapne bhi wohi ans dala


It's no coincidence.. This post is cursed.


Haha...I think the man KRK itself is cursed...

+3 votes

i would somehow believed him after JHMS released but criticizing it before release proves his stupidity , he trashed Tube light after release only. so he might be biased this time around.

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)

plus if movie does 125-150 cr it will be hit atleast


No he started bashing tubelight months before release

+2 votes

Then those who believed in him during Tubelight has to skip the movie!

by Executive Producer (62.7k points)
+1 vote

Now all srk fans will abuse him like hell even they know movie won't go above 130cr

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
0 votes

KRK was SRKians favorite critic during Tubelight release.... Let's see, KRK ab SRKians ke favorite bana rehta hai ya fir ye log girgit ke tarah rang badalke Apne favorite KRK ko gaali dena start karte hain!

by Unit Manager (37.7k points)

Abe girgit toh salman fans hain. Suhas ka hny k time pe krk ka review post nahi dekha tune lagta hai. AUKaat beta aukaat


SRK fans toh girgit se bhi badtar hai... Suhas (bas ek Salman fan) ne toh bas review hi post Kiya tha... But SRKians chanted that krk is the best critic ever, KRK is always right and blah blah blah... #Aukaat chhamiya aukaat...

0 votes

All the SRk fans made krk their fav critic during tubelight
Lets see what will they do now

by Assistant Director (42.2k points)
edited by

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