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Much has been said about the Bollywood after Khan's and he or even akki, most people know that Bollywood will go down after retirement of Khan's and others, but according to some people, the future of Bollywood is secure, the future of Bollywood is bright, because the MEGASTARS of Bollywood has arrived, according to some users here, some of these MEGASTARS are ahead of he, ahead of Akshay and some has declared them to be ahead of even Khan's, but is it true, we at THUNDER BOX OFFICE, went into reaserch, and the results of latest or recent history of this year or last year for those who didn't had release this year has shown it's true, that the users who says these new MEGASTARS are ahead of Khans or he or akki...... Have completely lost their mind...... let's see..!!

This Tiger guy can't draw crowds outside action, even in action movies, if promos are bit comedy, dull opening lol

That Dhawan guy, he had sequel factor, a popular female costar, Dharma backing, a full on commercial entertainer, and got earth shattering opening of 11 crs lol, ok it didn't had action, so what about dhishoom, action entertainer, opened to phenomenal 11 crs

That guy who they call ranveer, does bullshit stuff on roads and wear clothes just as bad as before & kill dill, got lucky to get UA certificate for his semi **** movie, after huge success of bm, yrf brand, opened to monstrous 11 crs

And then this guy with name Ranbir, high budget, visually good looking movie, so called something new for Bollywood, having co actress which he had affair/breakup and using that to build buzz because can't do that himself, and opening of Pooray sawa 8 crs

An actor is called Siddharth Malhotra, well to be honest, he's not someone who has given lots of bumper openers, has he..??

A guy goes by name of Arjun Kapoor, he had a popular novel/book I guess, with good enough songs, something he had back in 2014, when he succeeded, but not so much this time, and his next isn't looking biggest of openers

And then someone is called SSR, or say, Sushant, the less said about him, the better, he actually have the biggest opener of all young stars, but the reasons are very well known, so not gonna say much about him..!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting you -  the future megastars of Bollywood, ahead or hr, ahead of akki, ahead of Khans, ahead of everyone, the true blue MEGASTARS of Bollywood.!!
asked in Trolls by Mega Star (200k points)
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A well written article from Mr Thunderbird . Honestly speaking I don't find a single star from today's generation whom I could admire. They don't behave like a man , they behave like boys ..with their boyish attitude they won't get the support of the masses.. That's it.

answered by Producer (118k points)
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Rofl, amazing article. .

But but but..................how dare you troll ranbir? Dont you know your own friends will turn against you????????????? Khans + hr+ akki+ajay talent<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ranbir's classic acting in the last decade...........

answered by Producer (103k points)

Bijli Chidiya bro ki RK trolling dekhke socho forum ke saare SRKians ki kya halat hogi!!! In fact, most of the SRKians have stopped visiting the forum since Jagga release.. Seems they are part time SRKians and full time Ranbirians...

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These young stars always depend on overall package/presentation of a film.
Even Hrithik, Akki and Ajay.
If they do a right film then it will open well and run. If they do a wrong film it will struggle.
No doubt Hrithik and Akki are Superstar.
And among the young stars Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan is huge popular and way ahead from others.

answered by Producer (111k points)

@Intense well RK is not my favrt actor. So tolerate jaisa kuch nehi. It just that he is facing unnecessary negativity by you guys which he don't deserve. Atleast not from Hrithik fans. Why Dutt need to collect 30cr on non holiday opening day to prove he is a big among young stars?? 1st tell me how many 30cr non holiday opening day even Khans has given?? just once Aamir Khan with Dhoom 3. LOL
and you giving this benchmark for a young actor like RK. Stop nonsense man.
No one saying he is bigger then Hrithik.
@Tiger Deepika alone kab 7-8 cr opening day de diya vai.
Piku and Finding Fanny 4-5cr opening day tha, who bhi Amitabh Bacchan, Arjun Kappor jaise Star k sath.
She is yet to do a film alone. agar karega to 2-3cr opening hogi Akira, Noor ki tarah
RK was over rated during 2013-14 days. not now.


He is facing this negativity because a few of your friends feel he is bigger than hr. RK was overrated in 2013-14...............not now????????

Why? Aisa kya kar liya usne pichle 2 saalon men? Roy? BV? Tamasha? JJ?


Deepika's XXX collected 7cr nett...So I didn't pretend anything wrong. Piku clctd 5.3cr from 1300 screens, Fainting fanny did 4.5cr on just 800 screens.. Inko Tamasha/JJ ke tarah 2000 screens pe rls karta toh 7-8cr opening toh zarur milta.


@Intense 2013-14 was the time when people and media started saying RK is Superstar, started comparing with Khans. That is why I meantioned only that time.
Who will over rate him 2015 onwards when he started getting Average to poor opening number.
May be Rajat doing it bt he is Hrithik hater. You can not take that seriously anyway.

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Wow loved this article from TBO
Amazing research but hey how damn you troll upcoming megastars
Their billion of fans would get hurt

answered by Production Accountant (22.3k points)
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Nineties youngsters (Khans, Akki & Ajay) had everything to their account... Even much more than in that time's established stars. Let's have look at today's youngsters achievements........
1 blockbuster (lol)
15-16 clean hits.
0 record openers..
Yes, Bollywood's future is very bright... .

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)
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This beautiful young lot is 11cr opener lot........n you should have mentioned what happened with Sushant even with a film which had very good songs and opened to what...maybe less than 5cr??talking abt Raabta....can't even recall its opening....such shitty interest people have in these Choochaas
Arjun Kapoor...why u even mentioned him .....you made him popular

answered by Unit Manager (31.9k points)
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answered by Second Unit Director (79.9k points)

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