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There's stock audio files available which are used here. The laughter audio files have been long recorded & the same is used even in those Comedy nights with Kapil & other shows.

It's a common norm to do that. We have set of stock audio files which will be used as bgm in TV shows, films etc. They're all licenced ones.

Not saying every laughter is old recorded one. But most are because it's not possible to record live with the same desired effect. All the award shows (Indian with an exception of national awards), it is recorded audio files (laughter) only that dominate. Some laughter audio files are decades older.


Even in those English comedy TV series. The laughter track was recorded as old as 50 years. So the joke "the laughter you hear in those TV shows are of the people who are long dead."

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No not all. These shows are edited and sound and video input is done a accordingly.. Recently at IIFA there was blunder done by editing team where Katrina was awarding Shahid and also clapping in the audience.

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Yaar nowadays in award shows...Public is also invited...1000's of Fans cheering and shouting is what u hear on screen

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Answer is simple-
Even if they announce YOUR NAME by Mistake for the Best Actor Award- You will still hear thousands clapping and with the footage of actors/actress smiling /clapping and some giving standing ovation!!!

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