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Would be nice if you provide source..!!

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Since you have provided no source, cannot say if it is true, if it is, hope the makers know what they are doing. Emotional blackmail failed big time with tubelight, bajrangi bhaijaan does not happen every day. Hope the focus is more on dance this time.

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Juggling genres is in the gene of Bhai. Action, romance, comedy, dramas and now dance movie. Go Salman go. Leave romance for others.

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Another emotional movie of Salman is coming On Eid, having a child actor, having storyline concerning with relationship between child and Salman, having Salman in an emotional role, having Salman in a role which requires him to act.............

They really do wanna exploit what made bajrangi bhaijaan a huge success as long as they can, don't they..??

Nevertheless, another movie of Salman in which his character will connect like no other, just like in this..... http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/569165/salman-character-tubelight-connect-higher-bajrangi-bhaijaan

BTW - Go Daddy..??.......... lol

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another emotional disaster.


And that disaster will earn more than some of the semi hits of global king


Yes just like emotional flopbuster Tubelight made more than Raees.


bhaijaan, flopbuster Tubelight earned much more than Srk's semi hits like DZ and Fan... Wo bhi yaad kar liya karo kbhi kbhi

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Not Confirmed title, just rumors floating.

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Godaddy.com case kar dega.

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Ek Aur Tubelight
Ab To Lagta Hai 5 Back To Back EID Flop Hogi

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bhaijaan, Salman ka fan bano box office ka nhi... Ek Tubelight nhi chali toh negative cheeze dalna shuru kar diya!



My Every Comment(Before Tubelight Release)
Dabangg 3/Super Hit/BB

Remo Next-Flop/Disaster


Ek film ko beshak flop bolo... But 5 back to flops kya hai bhai?

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Emotional Disaster.

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