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Your personal opinion on BOI!

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My perception over BOI has changed since CE. They desperately didn't want CE to cross 3 Idiots that time but their mathematics failed due to bad performance of OUATIMD. Everytime they decrease the collection of SRK starrer after a weekend. They seem to be totally biased towards Hritik. Recent examples are Krish 2, Bang Bang and Kaabil. I have a big doubt regarding DDLj's collection and footfalls. They are decreasing it time to time. Their real value theory is funnier than jokes themselves. They try to pretend genuine but on the other hand they hint their biasedness time to time.
asked Jul 19, 2017 in Box Office Related by sunil Production Designer (13,410 points)
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The only thing which is clearly visible is that they hate Hritik Roshan and there are many actors they don't like for eg: Siddharth, Ajay, Ranveer,Aamir and so on.
Coming to the point yes even I think DDLJ footfalls are way more than it is shown by BOI.

answered Jul 19, 2017 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (20,669 points)
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Yes yes... BOI is an anti SRK site. That's why their ranking show SRK ahead of Salman for nineties, even though Salman was light years ahead of SRK in nineties as far as Box Office success is concerned.....!

answered Jul 19, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (35,956 points) 1 flag

Hehe, really??? Light years??? Congratchulations bro your calculator is way faster than Rakesh Roshan's and Red Chilli's! Congratulations once again for descovering such innovative, effective device.

Seems you need proofs.... Ye lo bhai..... Salman vs SRK till 1999...

Highest Grosser Of The Century :
Salman - 1
Srk - 404 error! (SRKians : ye HGOTC kya cheez hai bey)

All Time Highest Grosser :
Salman - 1
Srk - 404 error!

Highest Grosser Of The Decade :
Salman - 2
Srk - 404 error! (SRKians : ye HGOTD kya cheez hai)

Biggest Hit Of The Decade :
Salman - 2
Srk - 404 error! (SRKians : ye BHOTD kya cheez hai yaar)

Highest Grosser Of The Year :
Salman - 4
Srk - 2 (half of Salman... Lol)

All Time Blockbusters :
Salman - 2
Srk - 2
P.S - Salman's blockbusters were much bigger in terms of footfalls.

Hits :
Salman - 17
Srk - 10
Jawab mil gaya naa @sunil bhai?

No brother,SRK had a debut in 1992 thereafter deewana, bazzigar, darr, Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayange, Karan Arjun,dil toh pagal hai, Pradesh, Kuch Kuch Hota hai are the movies in 90s where he shines. No doubt Hum Aapke hain kaun was biggest than they all but it does not mean the above films were small hits. Madhuri and family drama gets more credit for being a top grosser rather than Salman it's a fact. I agree both had achieved huge success in 90s. No doubt Salman was almost as big as SRK at that time. But according to the theory you prove to show Salman ahead of Salman shows Amir the biggest star of this decade which is not the fact you know it. This decade is ruled by Salman till date no doubt.

Bro, statistics doesn't lie and whatever I posted in the previous comment was complete statistics koi self made data nhi. As far as shining movies is concerned no doubt there were more Srk movies... But that's only bcz of urban orianted genre and awards (we all know our media's obsession with urban movies and awards).
Don't compare this decade's Aamir and nineties Salman plz... Aamir has only 3 hits in this decade while Salman had 13 clean hits (Srk - 10) in nineties. In fact, Salman had......
Highest number of Hits
Highest number of blockbusters (jointly with Srk)
Highest number of HGOTY
Highest number of footfalls
In nineties... Then how someone else can be considered no1 instead of Salman???

P.S - I'm not even talking about BHOTD, HGOTD and ATG...jo Salman ke alawa kisi aur ke pass nhi tha.

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I do not like BOI that much. Unfortunately it's the only option we have. I desperately hope that we can have a truly authentic tool to see BO collections soon.

answered Jul 19, 2017 by mr.hola Unit Manager (34,834 points)

same view.............

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Co partner of Dharma, YRF and FILMFARE

answered Jul 19, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (51,885 points)
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They are a joke in my opinion, yes they hate hrithik, every article of theirs is directed to insult him, they even compared JJ'S opening with kaabil............................guess all fan bases have an issue with them.

answered Jul 19, 2017 by Intense Producer (103,602 points)
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Their Admin Harmimder Singh Is A Salman Fan Located In UK. They Are Good At Numbers But Their Point Of View Sucks Big Time.

answered Jul 19, 2017 by Rajat Production Accountant (26,169 points)
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Only the Net collection given by them should be trusted.

Footfalls :
We've seen how they reported footfalls of PK movie. Although there is no proof of footfalls for any movie ... so Net collection is only way to measure Box office success.

Their commentary on BO performance is laugh worthy, they will come with random excuses for BO performance, bash multiplex movies etc

answered Jul 19, 2017 by bollyranga Camera Operator (10,001 points)
edited Jul 19, 2017 by bollyranga

Box Office India Reported PK's Footfalls To Be 2.8Crore First. But Luckily, Aamir Had Collaborated With Rentrak To Track PK. If Not For Rentrak, PK's Footfalls Would Still Have Been Stuck At 2.8Crore. I Doubt Even 3 Idiots & Dangal's Footfalls Are Way More Than What They Have Put On Their Site.

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Ddlj is actual 63cr net excluding Maratha mandhir. Yes they always reduce srks movie collection, be it chennai express. Or happy new year. They are trying their best to keep srks opening behind others. Sometimes they just give up when difference is too much

answered Jul 19, 2017 by sihan Editor (87,778 points)

Yes they always reduce srks movie collection, be it chennai express. Or happy new year"...... Absolutely true. Happy new year earned 45cr nett on opening day. But jealous anti SRK site BOI made it only 36cr....BOI ne 9cr Kam kar diya..
Also Raees collected 275cr worldwide within it's 10 days run. But acc to BOI Raees' worldwide lifetime collections are only 272cr. And king himself tweeted that #RAEES275CRWORLDWIDE after 10days... King toh jhootha nhi ho sakta na!

U are very irritating guy. .kasam sy. I've been in fan war since five years. I rarely loose temper on person.

Shukriya Bhaijaan... Isi tarah ke compliment se Hume housla milta rehta hai
On serious, mene wohi bola jo aapne already bola Hua tha i.e BOI reduces Srk movies collections. Fir itna gussa kyu bhai?