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Like we know JHMS and TL for huge prices around 20 crore. So how do Music companies recover that price ?
I guess they will sell to individual sites like Saavn Gaana etc ? Fine but now how Saavn and Gaana will recover their own price ? They upload song and we download. Over. So how do they recover ? Its patchy doubt, hope someone knows about it.
asked in General by Producer (105k points)
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1) YouTube Views on an avg u earn 5$ from 1000 views...So Radha has earned around 150,000 USD approx 100,000 USD from other songs..So 250,000 USD till now from YouTube only..Bound to increase much more
2) Saavn/Gaana/I tunes
3) On TV on music channels like 9xm
4) Sell them on Radios..
5) Old school people who buy CD's and cassettes

answered by Second Unit Director (71.5k points)
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$5 ..only when an ad played before the video

YouTube revenue doesn't really work on number of views. That's a myth among common people.

Anku! You are right. And, it's not even $5 in India, it's just $4.

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Well they upload on youtube and make money from it. Usually via ads.. On streaming services like Saavn, they get revenue from monthly subscription and ads, and then split it.

answered by Production Accountant (29k points)

Also some old school people still buy original albums from music stores.

Those old school people who still buy albums are as rare as those people who still watch movies on a VCR.

Then what was that.... dilwale music album got double platinum tag

Anku.. I don't know. ..becuase it has to sold 2million copies to get the double platinum tag (I just now saw this on internet) . I am not aware of its albums sales figure. But difficult to sell 20 lakkhs cassettes and CDs in today's time.

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