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Salman vs Shahrukh on non holiday : Entire career comparasion....... [closed]

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Some SRKians are calling Salman an Eid made star. Let's remove EDX releases from both Salman and Srk's career and make a brief comparison...

Highest Grosser Of The Century :
Salman - 1
Srk - 404 error! (SRKians : ye HGOTC kya cheez hai bey)

All Time Highest Grosser :
Salman - 1
Srk - 404 error!

Highest Grosser Of The Decade :
Salman - 2
Srk - 404 error! (SRKians : ye HGOTD kya cheez hai)
Biggest Hit Of The Decade :
Salman - 2
Srk - 404 error! (SRKians : ye BHOTD kya cheez hai yaar)

Highest Grosser Of The Year :
Salman - 4
Srk - 1 (one fourth of Salman... Lol)

All Time Blockbusters :
Salman - 2
Srk - 404 error!

Blockbusters :
Salman - 5
Srk - 2 (less than half of Salman)

Hits :
Salman - 17
Srk - 10
With Eid or without Eid, on holiday or non holiday Salman is light years ahead of Srk. Statistics says this.... !
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Aap toh mere pichhe pad gaye yaar! Check again... This is the first non holiday comparasion between Salman and Srk... If you find another then you can even hide it. I won't complain.

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Sabko pata hai Bhai

Amir Join YRF
Fanaa - Super Hit
Dhoom 3 All Time Highest Grosser
TOH - Hit/Super Hit/BB/ATBB/ATHG

When Salman Join YRF
ETT-All Time Grosser(YRF)
Sultan-All Time Grosser (YRF)
TZH-Same Equation TOH
Without YRF and Dharma SRK ki kitni Semi - Hit hai
Koi yeh hi batade

answered Jul 17, 2017 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (6,450 points)
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I didn't even remove YRF from Srk's career... Still Bhai ke same usika ye halat hai... Hahaha

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