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There is one theater Sri Devi 3 kms away from my home. There 99% only Telugu films gets released. But since 3-4 years they added one more new screen which is little smaller but its very good and the clarity of that screen is much better than the old screen beside it. 


So my Doubt/Question is that the owners know they are famous in the locality as they have 10/40/60 rs as prices only. So when they know they are famous then why not provide  better viewing onscreen like you have added new screen which has very good clarity. 

Why not change the old screen and add new one to it? How much it costs any idea ? 

So these are few questions. Iam sure this kind of situation is in most parts of the countries. So why not add a better quality screen ATLEAST once which will serve for 10 yrs.


asked in General by Producer (105k points)
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It's just not about screen. But, it's projection room that makes all the differences. A decent projector costs around 15-20 lakhs and if you want a HD projector for theatre, the cost goes upto 60-80 lakhs which most of single screen with rate ranging between 10/40/60 can never afford. By the way, most of time, you don't really have to pay for machineries. The projection room is set up by satellite companies like QUBE, UFO and then they generate revenue on monthly basis or by advertisement. Though, there are some catch. If such company invests big in your theatre they keep a lot of things in mind like your locality, viewer reach, class of audiences and kind of movies a theatre owner releases.

What I think about South is they have really sufficient number of cinema halls. But, they've bad and out dated projection system. You have given an example.

answered by Assistant Director (50.3k points)
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True bro
Single screens are in very bad state
All theatre owners want is their profit they don't care about audience's comfort

answered by Casting Director (18.6k points)
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Yes.. Even the famous sensation has dull screen. I don't know why? Maybe due to old screen or old projector

answered by Producer (115k points)

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