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According BOI Tubelight's 1st day collections are 20.55cr. According to all other sites (eg - Indicine, Koimoi etc) it's 21cr. But according to many SRKians Tubelight's 1st day collections are less than 20cr. We all know that SRK uses Red Chillies calculator. But ye SRKians kounsa calculator use kar rahe hai.... Jo Tubelight ki collections decrease karta hain!
And all those SRKians who are chanting this nonsense are EXPERTS of the forum. Pata nahi aise namuno ko EXPERT koun Aur kyu banata hain!
asked in General by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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BOI gives an estimate & later updates the day wise collections.

They feel the first day collections might be revised in the final collections which has happened many times with BOI.

They aren't using any new calculator. Just BOI things which most users are used to. Ofcourse nobody can say it with confidence whether the collection will be increased or decreased.

And i've hidden the answer by Mr.Hola as well as the comments. Just consider this a warning all 3 of you involved - Mr. hola, You & thekai100.

Not only Jatinder but also many other SRKians (eg- Thekai) are chanting the same. BTW, BOI has already revised it.....from 21cr to 20.55cr.
(for Warning) Earlier I used to report those things to mods and admins (including u). But never seen any action... So, now a days I instantly reply to those idiotic posts in their own language.

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Pre Eid = 7.68 crs
Salman in non macho role = 8.32 crs
Baahubali effect = 5.36 crs
Salman Khan's Laundey Lapade stame ment effect = 10.41 crs
Peoply who boycotted Tubelight due to Salman's War comments = 10.43 crs
Additional pre eid effect = 12.40 crs
People who boycotted becayse they weren't worthy enough to watch Bhai's epic acting = 13.36 crs

TUBELIGHT'S OPENING DAY REAL VALUE = 20.55 + 7.68 + 8.32 + 5.36 + 10.41 + 10.43 + 12.40 + 13.36 = 88.51 crs



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answered by Super-star (194k points)
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Lol... My off topic answers get hidden... Ab mods hi off topic answers daal rahe hain. #Ajeeb hutiyappa hai forum ki.

I will hide this answer but I want to promote this


If you can give answers in those TBO answers and good answers, I will hide this answer..!!

Jab marzi hogan kar dunga ans... I don't care tum apna ans hide karo ya nhi. Bas hutiyappa laga toh bol diya.

still a lot lesser than 143.55cr opening of Jagga Jasoos....shame on Khans

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