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so here is what i said.

FAN. obvious reasons. very very obvious reason. i gave them to you before. you failed to reply to those. R u sure srk charged whatever u said he charged. how can u call a movie with 60-80Cr budget a 120 Cr movie. and how can u give shivaay a below avg verdict when WW Fan grossed more on the same budget and same as shivaay in India. Now answer. shivaay budget>>FAN. shivaay didnt make any money for dist. Fan made 16cr profit for YRF.

Share 73cr
Sattelite 50cr
Digital and music 35 plus
Others 5cr
Investment 105cr
Profit of 60cr

here is what he replied

WW share 68Cr 

120-68 = -51

So now here is the problem. First of all that 120Cr number is BULLSHITT since srk works with profit sharing. fan budget is approx 80Crs. 

2nd Tubelight gave DS losses of around 100Crs. got below avg. 

Shivaay more budget then fan earned less WW and same in india. verdict below avg

enough laughing now get back to your business. BOI has to please all the fan bases. later they will make it up to SRK fans that i am sure. 

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