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1. Before tubelight every says that salman khan is biggest fan base and movie is not work.
2. According to srk fans srk is the biggest star in the world but his movies is also not worked.
3. Now aamir fans also says that aamir is now biggest star but it is not because a single movie which script is poor it won't work i bet.

So i know these things for this=
When a movie trailer is well and appreciated by audiences then a movie take a good opening. It wont fully depended stardom.

1. Movie stardom ÷
Movie Opening - well trailer - 25%
Good songs - 25%
Star stardom - 50%
And movie looking is fully entertainer by all the section and depended on social message it works.

So stardom not fully depended on one thing .

How agree for this i think i was wrong or right
Your answer with honest reason.
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1- Stardom is overrated as far as opening is concerned n this thing i maintained since last3,4years
2- Stardom's value varies acc. to genre of the film


Agree with Baadshah answer , stardom is only help you to reach a wider audience no matter what the genre is...
A Salman movie with masala , heroism may connect to wider audience compare to anyone but with other genre he is struggled everytime whenever he tried to do something different except few cases.
While in case of Aamir genre is not a problem the thing which is matter is entertainment value..
You can't get record grosser by doing Talaash (very realistic hard hitting drama but boring also) & arty movie like Dhobi ghat...

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Lol who the hell are you decided that Aamir movie don't work if content was not there in Aamir movies...
And most importantly how can you say that to prove your stardom you have to make a crap movie..
You work BOI , better to stick that only because is it not Aamir fault that why other are not able to give good movies..
And like Aamir movies where content is speciality the same case applied for Salman movies where heroism is must to connect with his Audience...

answered by Director (127k points)
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Just for your knowledge Aamir last clear flop Mela FFs is also equal or more than many Bhaijaan movies in 2000-09 (with good content)...


Brother i dont say that aamir movie is currently flop. But expected that a movie of aamir khan got poor response by audiences that also a flop in future.
Please understand first then answer it.
Hamesha fan base per answer mat do. Kabhi honest answer do.


Lol then it is applied to every actors , Salman fans want entertainment, heroism, ceeti maar dialogue from bhaijaan movie but whenever they didn't find the entertainment from bhaijaan movie they make it a big failure...
Srk fans also unhappy from Srk from a long time , Srk currently struck between a content & masala movies that's why always falling big time.
Even in this case Aamir is the most flexible actor who can try different genres & still get success but for that you need to mix the genre with entertainment to attract wide range of audience..

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Star dom is surely not only box office thing. I would say see shahrukh khan . u will get definition with details. Thats why he is called world biggest movie star.

answered by Editor (87.7k points)
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Trol Movies like Dhoom 3 and when it works, make statements like:

Now aamir fans also says that aamir is now biggest star but it is not because a single movie which script is poor it won't work i bet.

What happened to good script fan??........

answered by Second Unit Director (72.9k points)
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Do you really want to know what's stardom? Read it carefully.....
Highest first day – Salman Khan starrer

Highest first weekend – Salman Khan starrer

Highest first week – Salman Khan starrer

Highest first day WW – Salman Khan starrer

Highest first weekend WW – Salman Khan starrer

Highest first Week WW – Salman Khan starrer.
Now let's talk about consistency.......

Out of top 20 highest openers 8 are Salman Khan starrers.

Out of Top 20 highest weekend 9 are Salman Khan starrers.

Out of top 20 highest first week collections 8 are Salman Khan starrers.

Bollywood’s top 2 highest opening day belong to Salman Khan.

Out of bollywood’s 10 bumper openers of the decade 5 belong to Salman Khan.

Out of top 15 Khans openers 8 are Salman Khan starrers.
Isko Kehte hain Asli STARDOM.... Warna ek-do fluke success toh SRK bhi de deta Hain.

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)
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I can't say for others but Salman Khan is stardom personified. Just see the difference of years between two ATBB movies MPK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan as solo lead movies.

answered by Assistant Director (47.5k points)
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Tom cruise defines stardom. shahrukh khan defines stardom. varied genres. good openings all across the world. salmans stardom is very very limited to genres. he steps out of comfort zones. pretty much delivers a disaster every time. tubelight was a disaster not below avg like said by BOI. 100Cr loss. unheard of. aamirs stardom. well how can you judge it. his one bad movie was supported by the biggest brand in india. dhoom. Aamir is EXCELLENCE.

answered by Unit Manager (34.5k points)

Lol then why Dilwale which was equally big movie with far better star cast , director failed big time..
Stop making excuses like a loosers accept the reality & move on.


did the opening fail. r u dumb


Lol opening fail r u dumb hahahahaha
Dilwale was a not small movie & with clash it not even explore the Audience in opening weekend then why a big drop on 4th day , now don't say Srk fans only afford to watch movie on opening day...
Dangal with no actress , no known supporting star cast , unknown directors , no heroism , demonatization opened to a approx 30 Cr Collection..
So better see the facts before crying again with your excuses Ka bhandara..


question was very simple which you failed to answer. DID THE OPENING FAIL?? of course you have no answer because we all know it didnt. stardom=opening. its better you stop talking. phatta hua tape recorder start ho jayega. apart from ginne chunne aamir fans no sane person would ever say aamir is the biggest or second biggest star. NO ONE EVER. EVER. drill that in your skull


Lol thekai100 behave like a cry girl..

It's doesn't matter whether Aamir have 1 Cr fans or some gine chune as even with some gine chune fans he is able to give 3 back to back AtG/atbb..
unlike Srkians who may be are more in numbers but only in social sites , online polls but whenever the times comes for an Srk release they keep hiding their face in mud..
Now you drill that in your dukaan.
Srk only exist in Srkians mind but for outer word he is faaaar behind from Aamir sir & the difference is so huge that even in dreams Srk can't think to go close..


YAWN>>....like i said NO ONE EVER EVER EVER will call aamir the biggest. you can cry here all night long. wont change the facts.


Well as i said srk only expert or best in crying over internet so cry as much as you want but the fact remain same srk is & will remain the 3rd khans (faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr behind from Aamir sir)...
Now also drill that in your dukaan if that give you relief for some time otherwise you are most welcome to barking again under my comment like you always do.


Brand Don, Brand Dabangg lol......... Ya hrithik made dhoom brand huge but Amitabh's don brand was destroyed by someone....


After dangal, without a doubt Aamir is faar ahead. India, overseas, worldwide, opening, Choosing scripts, lifetime, content and Acting......


NO ONE EVER EVER EVER will call aamir the biggest. Ya Fan and tubelight showed who is biggest lol.......


Partial holiday, best trailer, darr returns Fan opened to 19cr opening on a partial-holiday.
Opening depends on actor, lifetime on content. Both opening and Lifetime failed.
Talking about eid tubelight we all know the opening and lifetime...

Now tried and tested TZH will bring him back... but as deepak says.

lehron ke saath to koi bhi aage baad jata hai but asli insann wo hai jo lehron ko cheer kar aagey badta hai.....


Come tell me how Aamir is not a big star?. I need to know your logic with facts...... I mean u are the same guy who predicted less than 200cr for Dangal.....

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Stardom is something which aamir lacks....but still ace is god. Cant wait for TOH

answered by Camera Operator (8.9k points)

And with lacks stardom he is going to destroyed Srk highest grosser in less than a week...
We Aamirians are happy with stardom less Aamir record you stay happy in counting Srk fans outside his mannat home...

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