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Paulo Choehlo is one of rarest writer in the world who can spread magic through his writing. I am his huge fan in the field of literature. In fact the lines of OSO ' agar Kisi vi cheez ko puri siddat se chao toh puri kayenath use tumse milane mein lagjati" was taken from his book the Alchimist. Now in the poster of JHMS the line what you are seeking is seeking you" also seem to be inspired from that book. From the very first poster to the song butterfly the vibes are getting strong that it is inspired. The recent closeness between Coelho and SRK also hinting such.
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What you seek........

is a line by Maulana Rumi not Paulo far as i know......regarding its use in Al Chemist, only read 50pages of book....first don't know if it is actually used by Paulo too


@charlie runkle it was originally written in Portuguese but I read its English translated version I forgot the exact line but it was like this: if you want anything from the bottom of your heart the whole universe will conspire to get your want.@ Badshah the theme of The Alchemist also travels through this line a boy in the journey for seeking a treasure reaches to Egypt but he came to know that actually the treasure is nearby where he lives. The learnings of the journey transforms him from a boy to The Alchemist. Go through that book dost it is all inspiring.


@Charlie runkle thank you bro for correcting actually I was writing 'dil se' but auto correct format made it 'flies'


sunil bhai, thnx for spoiling it .

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Global king is coming back to his best (romance).... Promos are brilliant (according to global king fans)..... Songs are already chart busters.....Most importantly global king owns Red chillies calculator......So, JHMS will definitely set some BO records. The Alchimist ka kuch bhi fark nhi padnewala #Mark my words.

by Unit Manager (37.5k points)

apne star ki aukaat 20Cr opening ki nahi hai eid pe. dusron ki baat karne nikle hai. oye sharam karo thodi. haya karo thodi


According to every single website (including BOI) Tubelight's 1st day... Laga hai tune global king se red chillies calculator udhar liya hai jisse count karke Collections below 20cr bol raha hai tu.. .

Abey satiya gaya hai kya? Eid Monday ko tha and Tubelight Friday ko rls Hua tha... Fir Eid pe opening ki baat kaha se aa gayi??? Dimag ka ilaaz karwa apna...


Tere star ki aukaat toh 15cr bhi nhi hai... Ab ye mat bolna ki 15cr>>>>20cr...

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I have read alchemist in both bangla and English. I found it overrated. Though it has many educated life lessons. But overall average. May be translation isn't good as original. And i dont think jhms wikk have anything from alchemist.

by Editor (88.5k points)

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