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Why are some users of other fan bases so obsessed with Tubelight?

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asked Jul 16, 2017 in Box Office Related by shah Executive Producer (65,492 points)
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haalat agle ki nahe teri kharab hoti hai.... warna khushi main down vote kaun daita hai. jealousy insecurity se bahir ao bhai sahab.... warna baaizgar aur tjh main kya farak hai.

hadd hai....qasm sy bhai, downvote mila to tjhe ksi sy upvote bhi mil jayega......mjhe SRK pasand hai, tu uskay khilaf likhay ga, mjhe pasand nhn ayega.....aur main downvote dn ga....simple chez hai......tu meray answers ko dy downvote....is mein jealousy/insecurity kahan sy agayi........aapka likha hoa open to be judged hai yahan par.......tu ny aaj ** aik na aik downvote to deya he hoga na.....woh kya jealousy mein deya tha.....i hv nothing against u except u going against my favorite.....aisa bhi hota hai k tera SRK k khilaf deya answer main kabhi kabhi enjoy krta hn.....is mein jealousy??like, tu mera koi cousin hai,....tera mera zameen ka jhagra h.....nai nai bol tu hai kya ...teray sy kyun jealous hoga koi??

@baadshah downvote zyada mat kar rote rote zin ko report karega yeh banda lol. next thing you will see is a message from zin. not to downvote GR

haha....i don't downvote anybody out of a planned strategy.....so there can be many upvotes to GN from my side.....anybody who does that on purpose can be n probably should be stopped....otherwise i will use this privilege as i like to use...downvote is what i like to do rather than writing a long comment countering crap answers

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There are a lot of Sohail Khan haters here.. That's it.

answered Jul 16, 2017 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,262 points)
selected Jul 17, 2017 by shah
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No one is obsessed if a particular fan base takes a dig on other fan basses fav actors tube light will be the result.....If they want no digging at Tube light...Just then stop badmouthing or say bad about others

answered Jul 16, 2017 by Haider Second Unit Director (77,019 points)
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yeah they will get tired.... both srk fans , aamir khan fans have their own reasons....

and we knew that before that salman khan is giving them a chance to bash him...

aamir khan fans hate him because.........even after hitting 2000cr ... aamir khan couldn't take the throne from salman khan...and add tubelight to this whole thing.......and still salman khan is leading.... so their jealousy and attacks are because of this reason.....


srk fans... have been trolled by us for , ra.one, jthj, fan, raees, mnik, hny, dilwale.... so they've been waiting breathlessly for a slip up... which salman khan provided..... bad for them is... JHMS... is soon to hit screens... and its looking like a single digit opener.... and i won't get surprised by this....but they know it.. and they are scared .....because for a solo regular friday rom com they are predicting 15cr.... when they used to predict in excess of 30cr.

others dont even qualify to say something against salman khan ......... haha yeah they dont even qualify.

answered Jul 16, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (154,401 points)

oh.....tu ny isliye oper comment keya....dekh, bhool bhi gya tha k tjhe yahan bhi downvote deya hoa h.....tu dhang k answer deya kr, upvote ayega

aur dhang ka answer judge kaun karay ga ...tu??? dilwale ko 4.5 star dainay walay ??? if india has people like baazigar.... then pakistan have people like you.... delusional yes confident

yes....anybody who has a privilege to downvote/upvote will be a judge....is mein mushkil kya hai tjhe smjhnay mein......Noon leagueee hai kya tu jo tera dimagh kaam nhn krta??tu films/stars ko judge krta hai, loag teray views ko judge karein gy.....criticism sy to roger ebert bhi bach nhn ska, tu kya chez hai

Aamir couldn't take the throne from Salman even after doing 2000 Cr movie...
Well Grandy no one want to compete with Bhaijaan in term of distributor 100 Cr loss club , Salman was always no. 1 star there & will remain same till his retirement.
He has many film like Marigold , Jai Ho , Tubelight, Salaam e ishq & many more under his credit to prove his supermacy...
Now cry baby cry with your nonsense as you always do..

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Their favorite star is struggling....
To deliver a clean hit from 3 years
To deliver a HGOTY since last 10 years
And above all, runs away from clash even in fear of an Akki starrer..
Ab aise dukhi aatmao ko Tubelight ke naam se thoda-bahut orgasm milti hai toh milne do naa bhai... Lol!

answered Jul 16, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)

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