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Cannot expect every film to do business like Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Kabir Khan

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Filmmaker Kabir Khan, who delivered two back-to-back blockbusters with Salman Khan in 2012’s Ek Tha Tiger and 2015’s Bajrangi Bhijaan, has expressed disappointment over the failure of their most recent film release ‘Tubelight’. The film was one of the bigger box office disappointments so far this year.

“You make a film with a lot of love and conviction and if it doesn’t do well the way it was expected to do, it’s disheartening. I am disappointed” Kabir was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India (PTI).

Kabir also said every film cannot do business like the classic ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, which went on to collect more than Rs 320 crore at the domestic box office. ‘Tubelight’ has collected 200 crore less, even though it was expected to ‘easily’ become the highest Hindi grosser of the year so far.

“We can’t expect every film to do the business like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Every film of mine is put against Bajrangi Bhaijaan and it is unfair. I am extremely proud of Tubelight”

“It’s too early to analyse what went wrong with the film. Maybe people were not able to identify with the character of Salman. But I was happy with what Salman did and even he was playing this part” Kabir added.

‘Tubelight’ released in theatres during Eid this year.
Source Link: http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/cant-expect-every-film-business-like-bajrangi-bhaijaan-kabir-khan/
asked Jul 16, 2017 in Opinion by Intense Director (128,044 points)
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and u cannot also expect that movie doesnt even become a HIT on Eid

answered Jul 16, 2017 by Haider Second Unit Director (77,049 points)
selected Jul 16, 2017 by Intense
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Film release se pehle 'it is 5 times better than bajrangi' , aur baad me 'ye kya ho gya??'

Salman fans release se phle 'easiest blockbuster ever' 'bahubali in danger', aur release ke baad 'isne 3 din me dear zindgi ko cross kr diya, aur kya chahiye' itne turant prabhav se to krk bhi palti nhi marta

answered Jul 16, 2017 by saransh Unit Manager (31,267 points)

'Ab rona-dhona band kar.' ....i don't even give a damn abt these words yaar....before u, there was a guy named playboy, he used all type of words n failed to get what he wanted.....Grand Nova abused me n didn't get what he wanted.....user Psycho tried to blast me by using words against Pakistan as a last resort n failed.....etc etc......so, u thinking that it effects me n i will cry why u called me this n that....my last words in last comment were jst abt u claiming to have been maintaining a 'aap/jnaab' kinda relation.....thats why addressed that 'baby' word.......otherwise, who cares

I always stick to Box Office only. I'm not that cheap to attack someone for his nationality or religion (Srk fan nhi hu jo aisa karu). Don't compare me with others and don't give those silly examples to me.
And yes I tried to maintain aap/janam kinda relationship with you...Cz I thought you deserve it... But tere baato se lag raha Hai ki Mujhe galti ho gayi thi... I promise, ab dubara nhi hoga ye mistake.... Ab toh khush hai naa tu???

stay blessed yaar...do whatever u please....u r too angry now for no reason....n in anger didn't even understand that i m not even implying that u will go against anybody's nationality (i know ur view abt anti-national comments n that way u r one of the saner guys of this forum)....those examples were jst to make u realize that if EVEN those comments didn't make me cry, then how can this chammiya/munni/sheila will

My view is very clear regarding nationalist or anti nationalist thing... If someone calls Salman a criminal I'll definitely use some worse terms to attack his favorite star... That's it.
I didn't use those terms to make u angry or upset... My sole motive was jaise ko Taisa... Nothing else.

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"After the event even the fool is wise." If they don't have expectations then why they sell the movie so high. At least SRK didn't lie when Dilwale underperformed and Salman did the same for Jai Ho both said they were not happy with the film the way they performed at the boxoffice.

answered Jul 16, 2017 by sunil Production Designer (13,851 points)
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Absolutely true.... BTW, Tubelight collected 21cr nett on opening day still it is considered an average opener... This amount would be considered excellent for a SRK starrer or Akki starrer..

answered Jul 16, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)

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