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Eid 2018 will be on 15th June 2018...Will it make it...If no then what will be potential next best release..Which movie will release on Eid then....
I feel If they start in January beginning and with non stop shoot in one go..They can finish shoot by mid-April and can eye Eid 2018 release
asked in Box Office Related by Second Unit Director (71.5k points)
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Girish know nothing...He tweets every single rumor... TZH's shoot will be wrapped up in August/September... Hence, Remo's next will go to floors in October or November for sure.

answered by Unit Manager (31.4k points)
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Bhai 1st of all girish johar tweets every single news he comes across if he finds a news Salman khan will marry on 27 December this year he will tweet that fake news so chill Tiger shoot will be completed by September end so after the gap of one month next movie shoot will be started so no way movie shoot gonna start in January but it will be in October/November and it will have 100% Eid release as we know it will be medium budget movie so scale won't be that huge and only 3 months of shoot will be required to finish the movie

answered by Casting Director (19.5k points)
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Remo's movie will be released on Eid 2018

answered by Unit Manager (35.1k points)

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