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Leads for Aladdin have been cast!

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Source Link: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/aladdin-disney-remake-finds-leads-1020047
asked Jul 15, 2017 in General by mr.hola Unit Manager (34,935 points)
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Disney hai bhai. More importantly guaranteed cash. Ye to hona hi tha.

bnani bhi thi to ksi dhangg k bnday ko cast krtay.....this even deserves a superstar

Why didn't they chose Tom Cruise as the animated character was based on his face. This guy, Mena Massoud has some 4500 followers in his twitter account..

Bhai if they had cast Tom, it would have lead to a media meltdown. Casting ethnically right characters is very important. Had the cast Tom, people would have ripped this movie apart. Other than that, Tom is way too old. This role requires a young person with totally different energy than Tom. Disney usually nails casting.

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She has something very good under throat. ..

answered Jul 15, 2017 by sihan Editor (87,814 points)

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