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Mine is

Fri - 22

Sat - 24

Sun - 26

Weekend - 70-75 crore

asked ago in Box Office Related by Cinematographer (95.5k points)
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9 Answers

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No, do not think so. In my opinion,

Friday- 20cr (this is not a troll)
Saturday- 22cr
Sunday- 24cr

Weekend: 66cr. It will fall short......needs to have bigger jumps over the weekend and that needs good wom.

answered ago by Editor (82k points)
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+3 votes

Mine is
Opening 25 crores
Saturday 27 crores
Sunday 30 crores
Which is 82 crores
higher than Kick
Audience is dying for a film they can rush to cinemas

answered ago by Executive Producer (69.3k points)

audience is dying to rush to theaters to watch jhms???? hahahaa

Audience is dying for a good film..It can be JHMS...Afsos its not tube light......

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As of now, no way. I think it might end up around 60cr.

answered ago by Casting Director (18.6k points)
+2 votes

Not at all 10/15, 18,22/so max 50-55cr

answered ago by Production Designer (15k points)
edited ago by
+1 vote

i think the opening week of JHMS will be less than bajrangi bhaijaan's second weekend.

my prediction

opening day 13cr
opening weekend 41cr

answered ago by Director (132k points)
+1 vote

My prediction is either 65-68cr.... Or 82-85cr

answered ago by Editor (86.4k points)
+1 vote

Global king is coming back to his best (romance).... Promos are brilliant (according to global king fans)..... Songs are already chart busters..... So, JHMS will definitely cross pre Eid release Kick's weekend collections.....I won't get surprised even if it challenges Sultan's weekend numbers.

answered ago by Production Accountant (22k points)
+1 vote

No way.
My prediction is ÷
Movie release - 3500 screens(approx)
Fri - 18 cr
Sat - 21 cr
Sun - 23 cr
First weekend - 62 cr
Means 60 cr - 65 cr

answered ago by Art Director (2.5k points)
+1 vote

It will not cross Kick but it can go close to it . I predict 22cr for Friday, 25cr for Saturday and 29cr for Sunday so the weekend will be 76cr. Any number above 70cr will be good.

answered ago by Camera Operator (11.3k points)

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