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This is a box office forum, not a zoo, where all fan bases indulge in mindless name calling, bashing, using all sorts of words to put down the other star. An appeal to all fan bases (khans, kapoor, roshans), stop this mindless activity now, and this includes all users, myself too.

With plenty of big movies lined up for release now, let us focus on improving the activity on this forum instead of fighting over ranbir kapoor. Any more provocative, mindless comments and answers will be hidden by the mods and admins respectively. Peace out. No more ranbir vs hrithik vs srk now.
asked in Warnings by Cinematographer (92.7k points)
93% Accept Rate

4 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Yeah, all users need to understand that Ranbir is not their prey............ The trolling of his trollable face, trollable movies, trollable face making acting belongs to someone else, and any user who comes in between shall not be spared..!!

answered by Super-star (193k points)
selected by

Tb, bhai tu bhi thoda control kar le, I will do it too, one does it, baaki sab kud padte hain beech mein. This forum deserves better, much better.

+2 votes

What what what? Man common even the admin is making a TROLL post.
Let it be a troll but rk is being trolled and if someone tries to counter that troll what's wrong?

This debate can be stopped only if it is stopped by both ends.. If one hands tries to clap the another would surely try to give a tight slap to make a clap..

Now I'm out of this debate.

answered by Production Accountant (28.6k points)
+1 vote

........................ #WHY...............................

answered by Director (137k points)

Because there are better topics to discuss and argue, long list of solid movies coming up, us par argue karo yaar, ek ranbir ko le kar srkians, hr fans, aamir ka ek fan...............no need to indulge in mindless bashing.

+1 vote

Yeh sahi hain. Kuch log apne fav. Ko chodke dusre ke liye jaan kurbaan kar rahe the. But trolling is allowed nah.

answered by Executive Producer (68.2k points)

What anyone wants to do is their own problem, every user needs to avoid abusive, off the topic remarks or personal insults for which there is no place on the forum.

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