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Kaabil is audience's favourite film of 2017.

6 Answers

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....myy favorite hindi movie of d year so far....over all bahubali 2 is favorite....

answered Jul 15, 2017 by Kabir Production Accountant (26,239 points)
selected Jul 15, 2017 by Intense
+5 votes

I seriously doubt it..!!

And BTW that's why it shouldn't had clashed with RAEES and it shouldn't had been made with B grafe production values

First you make a movie with B grade production values and then you have the audacity to clash tgat B grade looking movie with SRK movie, wow, superb strategy, and then cry like we have 40% screens only, instead should feel lucky to get even those, and then manipulate, and break records of manipulation set by yourselves during your superhero fiasco..!!

It could had something solo and with more money spend, but kya karen, some people don't like to use their brain even if they have one..!!

answered Jul 14, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (202,527 points)

Since you targetted RR, I have no issues, agree with all your points.

Dude, everything I've written in this answer is true 100% and if you don't believe then check it once more, read my answer again snd tell me if I'm wrong at any place..!!

Wahi to kaha tb, I agree, with better production values, solo release minus rakesh uncle, all would have been fine.

@TB, global king is not so far as far as manipulation is concerned... When Raess didn't even do 225cr WW global king tweeted "#RAEES275CRWW".... Wanna see the tweet?

+4 votes

It Appears That Only PR Polls Are Saving Grace Now.

answered Jul 14, 2017 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,097 points)

Lucifer, do not comment when you do not understand. I do not wish to comment on the expletive which was used.

Mods act for the best interests of the forum, this is not a fan club meant to favour anyone.

Similarly if I call Srk an ugly overactor, deshdrohi and wrinkle wala haddio ka dhancha etc you won't have any problem, I think...

Jatinder should have been warned first I guess.

Many users (including me) have been banned multiple times for using those terms and Jatinder was well aware of that. I was also banned directly... Kuch bhi warning nhi Mila tha... Fir Jatinder ke liye alag category Kyu ho??

+3 votes

Wow. Phir bhi flop. Rakesh ne apne bete ki hi waat lagadi.

answered Jul 14, 2017 by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,871 points)
+2 votes

Yeah kya chl rha hai...yeah audience movie dekhne kyun nhi aayi fir

answered Jul 14, 2017 by anku Location Manager (5,746 points)

Because of superstar SRK, who destroyed kaabil on 1st day itself.

+1 vote

answered Jul 15, 2017 by therock Casting Director (19,825 points)

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