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Why everyone is concerned about the buzz of the movie JHMS,

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A movie named TEPK is also releasing a week after what about that movie's buzz....
asked Jul 14, 2017 in Opinion by rahul7 Set Designer (2,498 points)
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This is an SRK movie bro, he is far bigger than Akki, and so his buzz should be bigger.

Plus, issue is that Toilet doesn't need much money to be a hit, plus Akki has been on a hot streak of late, so it can be assumed content will be good even if opening isn't

But JHMS needs around​ 160-170 to be a hit. That isn't a cakewalk. The big problem SRK has had for some time is big opening then big fall. If this time opening is low and then content fails like usual, then the movie will be flop.

That's why everyone is concerned​ about JHMS and no one is talking about TEPK.

answered Jul 14, 2017 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,172 points)
selected Jul 14, 2017 by rahul7

One thing is sure clashing with srk starrer give fee publicity will it be the case of BM or Kaabil Or TEPK...
I think good decision by srk to prepone the release date
Free ki publicity TEPK jo honi thi wo to gai isliye buzz bhi kum hai.

Yup, but even if Akki lost that buzz he still got the better opening week. 3 holidays in week 1 itself.

Hope JHMS is a very good movie and is like slow poison so that people keep coming and the movie gets big benefit in week 2.

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Cos, buzz for buzz is to be created to create buzz if not the buzz will decrease. That is what people think. Sorry just kidding. A serious note:To some extent the movie hasn't been the talk of town and mostly the debacle of Tubelight and not so good track record of SRK has forced some media persons and exhibitors to doubt. In Nepali there is a proverb' agulto le haneko kukur bijuli chamkida tarsanxa' means he who is victim of fire scares with lightening. That is it.

answered Jul 14, 2017 by sunil Production Designer (13,500 points)
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you srk fans used to predict record breaking opening on non holiday....... what about that???
now people are saying jhms will open with 15cr .... and you are saying they are under estimating ...and movie will open with 20cr or above....... i say where are those record breaking predictions now....???

i personally think movie will open with 13cr... and lifetime 75cr

answered Jul 14, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (150,339 points)

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