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aflaatoon hai thoda cartoon..

Yes i was not excited for this film but after watching trailer it became one of those must watch fdfd movie. .
Let me tell you all that making such movie is craft. it's very difficult to make such movies specially in India and hats off to Anurag basu. Dada you nailed it. Special mention to Ravi verman, his cinematography is top notch.
And the real man behind the film none other then PRITAM.

JAGGA Was beautiful adventurous journey with full of music. Each and every conversations in the form of song was heart touching.

Story revolves around the life of jagga and his 3 cases. One in which his father is said dead but he believes he's alive and goes all out in search for him..

Direction is one of the best this year. All the scenes of Africa seems so realistic that you can feel it.

Their culture, craziness and the event happening.

Performance of RK was outstanding. Best of this year for sure. Katrina had nothing much to offer. Neither the rest of cast


Mystery and adventurous theme
>> MUSIC. MUSIC AND MUSIC. It can be called a Musical film too.
>>> Direction and cinematography.
>>>> the way story moves forward. specially that red circle part.
>>> Some long sequences in form of songs
>> Performance of RK.
Starting 15 mins of film


Length. Film could have been trimmed better in second half
Ending was okayish. Could have been better

final verdict

Jagga is easily one of the best movie this year. Each and Every frame was beautiful, breathtaking and amazingly Shot.
Use of animals, situations and the locations is at its best. It takes a lot of guts and hardwork to make such film. Go and appreciate their effort and trust me you won't be disappointed.

final Rating


P. S. - There's so much unnecessary negativity in this forum towards Jagga and Ranbir and no mods or admin takes care. Indeed Admin and an newly appointed HR turned Aamir admirer which likes SRK but behaves as a hater nowadays by over predicting JHMS opening potential is openly bashing RK. Admin is posting a fake article about opening.
If there's such post against SRK or Hr it would have been hidden next moment. Even I'm not sure about this post.

answered by Production Accountant (28.9k points)
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....nicee review +1....


Thanks Kabir.. I hope that smile is not a sarcastic one.. tho you use it always..


Rofl. Lol. Lmao.

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Jagga Jasoos is Indian version of Indiana Jones.
Superb film. Cinematography direction acting all did very good job.
Movie is Entertaining in its own way but could have trimmed little bit as it's too long 3 hrs.
Last 40 mins were superb as it had chasing and actions. Very different film.
Ranbir did very good acting in First half while second half was more of actions only.
Katrina also did good role but she was cute sweet etc.
Overall my rating will be 4/5,,,8/10.
Do watch it atleast Once, it's family entertainer but mostly for Multiplex audience.
Boxoffice wise expecting 50-60 crore

answered by Producer (108k points)

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