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+6 votes

#aflaatoon hai thoda cartoon..

Yes i was not excited for this film but after watching trailer it became one of those must watch fdfd movie. .
Let me tell you all that making such movie is craft. it's very difficult to make such movies specially in India and hats off to Anurag basu. Dada you nailed it. Special mention to Ravi verman, his cinematography is top notch.
And the real man behind the film none other then PRITAM.

JAGGA Was beautiful adventurous journey with full of music. Each and every conversations in the form of song was heart touching.
#Story revolves around the life of jagga and his 3 cases. One in which his father is said dead but he believes he's alive and goes all out in search for him..

#Direction is one of the best this year. All the scenes of Africa seems so realistic that you can feel it.
Their culture, craziness and the event happening.  

#Performance of RK was outstanding. Best of this year for sure. Katrina had nothing much to offer. Neither the rest of cast


> Mystery and adventurous theme
>> MUSIC.  MUSIC AND MUSIC. It can be called a Musical film too.
>>> Direction and cinematography.
>>>> the way story moves forward. specially that red circle part.
>>> Some long sequences in form of songs
>> Performance of RK.
> Starting 15 mins of film


> Length. Film could have been trimmed better  in second half
> Ending was okayish. Could have been better

#final verdict

Jagga is easily one of the best movie this year. Each and Every frame was beautiful, breathtaking and amazingly Shot.
Use of animals, situations and the locations is at its best. It takes a lot of guts and hardwork to make such film. Go and appreciate their effort and trust me you won't be disappointed.

#final Rating


P. S. -  There's so much unnecessary negativity in this forum towards Jagga and Ranbir and no mods or admin takes care. Indeed Admin and an newly appointed HR turned Aamir admirer which likes SRK but behaves as a hater nowadays by over predicting JHMS opening potential is openly bashing RK. Admin is posting a fake article about opening.
If there's such post against SRK or Hr it would have been hidden next moment. Even I'm not sure about this post.
in Reviews by Production Accountant (28.9k points)
47% Accept Rate

Please copy paste your review on the review post.

Apology for the delay due to miscommunication.


Oh no problem..

6 Answers

+6 votes
Best answer

India need more actors like Ranbir Kapoor who do such challenging stuff. I was going to watch film but after you gave post interval update it was must watch.
No matter how film will fare on boxoffice​ because these films are meant to be like that.
To the burns, their favourite aren't able to make their commercial films open to level which RK will do with this experimental stuff.

by Super-star (171k points)
selected by

Well said.
Anyways this post would be hidden soon.


Hmm. Kya din aa gaya. Ranbir ke sahare jeena bhi kya jeena.

+7 votes

I think a poll should be conducted between Intense and Thunderbird to checkout who hates Ranbir more.....

by Second Unit Director (78.8k points)

Lucifer well said, that is why I take it as a joke to those who say ranbir is bigger than hr. My confidence is still silent. Wait another two years, we shall see who replaces whom.


Desperately trying to contradict what you did. No point man. I have been watching you and other HR fans getting insecure and also bashing RK for no reason. But trust me jagga >> every hrthik film this decade excluding Znmd. If this is silent i don't know how loud you people can be!


Bro, no need to worry about us. Hrithik in kaabil>>>>>>>> ranbir's entire career. And you guys should be the last ones to talk of insecurity. You guys were the first ones to bash and ridicule other stars, as far as I remember.

Wait when ranbir clashes with srk, then I will ask you how secure you guys are.


@harsh thakker bhai kya baccho jaisi baatein karte ho. apke fan base ne clash ke time aukaad dikha diya tha. Koi Ranbir ki film agar srk se clash hoga na tab yeh dusre ki chaploosi bandh ho jayega. You know what Srk need to learn some acting from Hrithik.

+2 votes

Shameful..?? Shame on me..??

I'll tel you, no shame on me, I'm not Ranbir fan, I'm srk fan and for me there's nothing wrong in trolling ranbir

Secondly that post is under troll category and only trolls take it seriously, otgers, read it, have laugh and move on..!!

Now why does rules are strict for khans, well not strict, but most strict are for khans......... You see khans are veterans, they've rulee industry for over 2 decades and have earned their succes, fans, stardom plus insulting them results in mega fan wars due to hurt in sentiments of their huge fans
Now come to ranbir, rules are for him too the same, no one's insulting him, but there is no rule which states that you can't troll him, who is he, he's an expendable, he has no fons, no following and his only fans are fickle audience which will turn on him the moment he comes with dull movie, so he's a toy, and all those pretending to be his fans will soon find a new toy and will cast him aside like he never existed

So stop pretending, and yes, i made that post, and it was fake too, but guess what, it was categorized under troll, it had troll tags and it was one post........ I didn't spam shit like 90% of users

As you said, I'm an admin...... Trolling is allowed, spamming isn't..!!

And if anyone is asking about my songs answers, then A) they might be spam but tgey were related to question, B) ok, i may have done bit over, but i can say i did GALTI SE MISTAKE..!!

What..?? Ranbir is allowed to do Galti se mistake, but I'm not..?? That's Unfair, isn't it..??

by Mega Star (211k points)

He is an expendable, his fickle fans......,,,+1 to that. He has no fan base as such till now.

+2 votes

it is ... extremely pleasing to see srk fans attacking each other..... world is self cleansing itself

by Star (153k points)

Mutual feelings bro

Even i enjoyed the Salman fans fighting over salim's tweet on Twitter.
World is indeed self cleansing. !!

+2 votes

ranbir is the best actor of the current generation much ahead of the likes of ranveer, varun etc

by Unit Manager (34.9k points)
0 votes

Lucifer you seriously feel I will hide a review to show my hatred? So lets make it clear. I do not hate ranbir. I troll a few users who say ranbir is a better actor and a bigger star than hrithik.....a fact which is laughable.

As a mod, I keep my trolls in limits. If I was so biased I would not have banned Greek God for abusive language on the forum.

As for hating srk, I merely said its a commerical film with commerical songs and srk in a romantic role. I said movie will do 25cr. Is this overpredicting?

by Director (136k points)

...u purposefully banned greek god to look secular but u did nt see how chiroo was continuously provoking him why so? ??.....


That is no excuse, users are not kids to complain, X,Y or Z provoked me. It is about self control and discipline and knowing where to draw the line.

Call me secular, objective, fair, that is how it is and that is how it shall be for everyone.


intense is kabir k ronay pay auto play ka button dabao ..... har jaga ro raha hai.

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