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Confirm flop.
asked in General by Production Accountant (20.8k points)
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Lol. Come on Salman just revealed whatever short narration he had recieved from Remo.

Revealed the entire film? Go through the interviews for Dabangg 2, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Tubelight etc... He has spoken the same way, revealing the short narration details. Plus he's old school, he knows how many actually reads a magazine or newspaper. And online? It's the last to have any effect over the masses when it comes to entertainment industry.

Do you really think majority of theatre going audience actually rely on print news or even digital content! If you reveal, audience reject even then you're getting over 1cr footfalls. See how promotional content actually works in India from end user perspective, not ad agency perspective who will make you believe a film did 100cr only due to them.

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yeah thats ok........ good story good movie is just a bonus .... seeing salman khan in a new and different avatar .... is whats more important..... , kick, bb, prpd, sultan, tubelight ... he was different in all these movies....... now TZH and remo's movie....he will also be different from all these movies.. as well. deep down i believe...the only reason of doing remo's movie is that it'll be completed within two three months........ and there isn't much time between eid and TZH..... may be 4 month .....!! and all other movies he has are big ones.......... this movie will be small on budget...and so recovery and hit verdict will be very easy

answered by Star (140k points)
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Bhai Movie ka scale bada hoga.Dance movie hai. Dance competition hoga. 50 Cr without P&A is sure shot .

chal 50cr laga lai.... to bhe everything i said holds true.... double price phir bhe 100cr hi banti hai.... !! which i said above.... P&A .. distributor ka kaam hai.

Bhai Eid pe Release hogi kya agar yeh January mai Start hoti hai seeing Salman isn't the kind of dancer which is needed for this movie and he will have to take lot of retakes to get Steps right

salman khan has 2 months free ..... he will wrap up TZH in mid september .... he will have DA-BANG tour .... for 15 days... and then he will be free for two months....... he's already lost weight.... and now he'll be preparing for aerobic and other style of dancing...!!

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Salman is single minded in doing what he is doing. Intelligence( for an actor ) is about the choice he makes and without right choices he would not have survived and going strong for more than half his life ie- 28 years in the industry where now all the Varuns, Tigers and so on are taking inspiration

answered by Unit Manager (35.9k points)