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i think this movie will be made in 30cr-40cr ........ if SKF distribute it ..... then it will be blockbuster at 150cr ... and with eid 2018 having friday - sat - sunday ... three straight holidays.... 150cr will be done and dusted in first 4 days.

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Just like tubelight.....cheers bro


yeah..like..tubelight... or..... like dabangg, ready, bodyguard, ett, dabangg 2, kick , bb, sultan.

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As I said earlier 'Salman khan is 'too much intelligent". Already everything was going wrong & in addition to that he revealed complete plot.

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.......hahaha he's old fashioned..he likes the audience to know what they are walking in to... .... ye to kuch bhe nahe.... he's revealed the twists in his movies before release in the past.... but he's salman khan no one asks him a question why did he do that....
this quality of being old fashioned has earned him whatever he is today... staying a massy star.... doing pan india movies.... if he had followed the trend of new age... he would be doing movies only for plexes......

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They make a good pair, happy to see daisy shah, being in a cameo, in fact, he could have chosen a better face for a cameo too. Most importantly, script needs to be good this time, with entertainment.

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I want to see daisy shah in pink bikini.....

answered by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
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If its going to Start in January then how it would be releasing on Eid ?. I hope it starts little early and gets completed for Eid.Also the concept is nice but this time Screenplay needs to be good and entertaining

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