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related to an answer for: IBO Prediction Contest - Jagga Jasoos
asked in Predictions by Director (139k points)
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2 Answers

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2410 acc to Taran Adarsh

1800 in India and 610 in overseas

But don't worry, mega super bumper duper star Ranbir Kapoor's awesome face making skills will ensure that these screens are enough to rip Baahubali 2's opening record to shreds..!!

answered by Super-star (194k points)
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its a good stretegy .... which srk should have done with fan.... releasing only on high end multiplexes..... srk shoud release jhms on maximum 1500 screens....
the benefit barfi got.... released on 1200 screens and opened with 9cr but that movie grew over the day passed exponentially

..... reason is simple

..... when a movie which is only made for high end multiplexes..... and is released on big scale.... and people from masses watch it and they call it rubbish while people from high end multiplexes love it... because of target adience thing... and the masses will start saying its a rubbish and word of mouth will be bad and movie will not grow....meaning it got negativity

now look at barfi...

it was only released on 1200 select screens of high end metros.... and when they watched it they loved it...they talked about it as a masterpiece and movie grew by leaps and bounds .... with the help of wom .... movie became a miracle ..... it was getting standing ovations everywhere.. because only those were watching it for whom it was made....

now they are trying the same thing with jagga jassoos....

which is a great thinking on their behalf.....

answered by Star (140k points)

I asked about Jagga.Not Fan or DZ or Barfi.

you are damn stupid people


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