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Why did Shivaay failed at the Box Office? Did it lack anything for it to succeed?

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Was the clash too tough for Ajay to handle or was the budget too high?

Not to mention the opening was slow and it took days for it to pick up.

Audience did not reject this movie as it mixed reviews. I do recall people praising the film on Twitter. On YouTube, many people who came out cinema said they liked it.

Shivaay was a very good movie which was declared an Average the Box Office. When the trailer came out, it was so eye catching that one would think it had SuperHit written all over it.

asked Jul 13, 2017 in General by Nikeel Production Designer (15,420 points)
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Whenever I have to judge potential of a movie, I ask 4 or 5 people around me. Each of those people fits into a different type of movie viewer and that gives me a good idea.

Shivaay's trailer hype was mostly just in media. People generally said that seems like typical movie where hero beats everyone.

So that initial hype maybe wasn't there.

Then music wasn't successful.

Ajay has very limited potential outside of Rohit Shetty movies. And he wasn't enough to get big crowds to see the movie.

Finally, content was just average for audience, while the multiplex audience was only interested in ADHM.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,992 points)
selected Jul 14, 2017 by Nikeel

When SOS clashed with Jab Tak Hai Jaan, I'm not sure how well did in multiplexes although the film was a Hit

I'm a fan of Ajay Devgan but I think he needs to understand that can get never multiplexes unless it's multi starer movie like Golmaal. Maybe single screen would better for him, I'm not sure.

Single screen is better for him, but what that audience will accept is hard to predict. When he singed AJ, he would have been sure it would hit big with SS audience.

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Only 1 reason for its under-performance

It clashed with Bollywood Christopher Nolan aka Karan Johar's movie.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by God Father Production Accountant (21,757 points)

Do you think Ajay Devgan is still bankable as an actor? Obviously, he doesn't have a huge stardom like Khans or Akki. He's not the best when comes to opening unless he has someone like Rohit Shetty.

AD has wasted himself. Look at his filmography, filled with b-grade movies like AJ, RGV ki aag etc. In terms of acting he is among top. His upcomming projects after 2017 aren't good. He should constantly make movies with Rohit. Rohit uses him well.

I'm a fan of Ajay and I've seen all of his movies. True, he's made mistakes like AD, RGV Ki Aag, Tezz and etc. Even did Akki as well did to an extent e.g. 2008,2009, 2010 & 2011.

On Twitter, I was one of the few Ajay fans who complained about upcoming movies next year. He can work with Rohit Shetty because the combination is strong. However, he should just focus on doing content based films. There are many directors like Neeraj Pandey, AR Marugadoss, Omung Kumar, R Balki and ect that are intellegent. He can work with those lot as he's versatile and will fit well into their films.

Among the directors you have mentioned only ARM movies have big appeal rest all make movies for specific audience & omang is a 2rs director.

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I liked the film too. Action sequences were amazing, sadly audiences chose a crap rom com, in my opinion which was the worst film of the year. Shivaay deserved more at the bo.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by Intense Director (123,185 points)

Do you think Ajay bankable as an actor? Many people say he's going to fade away and no one cares about him anymore. I think he's too talented to be written off and he still has the support from the fanbase if see on Twitter. Even directors would still invest their money into him.

He hasn't had a flop since Action Jackson. The only reason why this film didn't do well because audience rejected it. If the movie had gotten a decent response then would have been a Semi-Hit or Hit.

Yes bro he is. He had a patch in 2010-11 where he gave back to back hits. He needs to choose the right kind of films like akshay does. Ajay is a terrific actor, g4 will be a sureshot big grosser and I have good hopes from baadshaho as well. He needs to avoid craps like AJ.

Ajay has been in the industry for two decades now, he needs to choose well, he has the skills for sure.

I think it was two weeks ago on Twitter, I was one of the few people who wasn't happy with his line for next year.I mean he's doing a Rom Com with Tabu and now there are rumors that he's doing Total Dhamaal.

Ajay's movies don't really connect with mulitplex audience unless it a mulitstarrer movie like Golmaal. I think his film work in single screens, I don't know.

He should just do content base films that are realistic like what Akshay is doing right now. I could easily imagine Ajay doing Rustom or Airlift.

Ajay has neglible Fanbase among Multiplex Audience due to bad looks .He is surviving in the industry due to Single Screen Fanbase and good acting skills .Ajay should keep doing what he is doing .His next Two Movies are super Hot in Trade

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Shivaay's biggest problem was that it was an ordinary remake of Taken repackaged as it would have supernatural elements. I can guarantee if towards the end if it was revealed that ajay has the mythological 3rd eye or some other super power through shiva then Shivaay would have been so successful and it would have started off a franchise

answered Jul 13, 2017 by thekai100 Unit Manager (34,582 points)

I agree with what you said. However, if there was franchise then Ajay won't hesitate cash on the sequel. Then again he would put himself under pressure as he has to direct the film although he could hire someone else. It's just that he may lose out film offers just like he did with Bajirao Mastani.

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Well everything depends upon promos.Neither trailer nor songs of the film were liked. Budget of the movie was too huge and Ajay cannot pull a film like this where action was OTT but not massy enough. Same reason was failure of Tubelight where both actor tried to do something out of their comfort zone and in past they were never done or accepted in this kinda film.
Atleast good promos and music would have given it an opening but theme and story of the film was too non massy to be accepted by audience who comes to watch Ajay Devgan starrer.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by karan khan Director (132,853 points)

With SOS it was a different scenario although it wasn't a good movie. Everybody said that Ajay needed Salman Khan to do a special appearance in order for the film to get a Hit status.

SOS was still massy film and was accepted by target audience.. Don't think Salman Khan's cameo made any difference.

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Dull Screenplay and Average Direction was the reason ..It was said to be Emotional Drama but people didn't connect to its emotions that much .I found it decent one time watch but Action and Scale was awesome

answered Jul 13, 2017 by puneetshukla Producer (101,701 points)

Ajay's chemistry with Abigail was excellent. I think he directed her very well in this film for example scene where she watches her father get beaten up. Ajay tells to run away.

Anyways, Ajay is excellent when it comes to working children e.g. Blackmail, Drishyam, Raju Chacha, Dil Kya Kare, Main Aisa Hi Hoon & ect.

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