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+3 votes
1. main aur mrs khanna
2. drona
3. action replay
4. sawariya
5. jaaneman
6. blue
7. all the best
8. shivaay
9. tees maar khan
10. tubelight
asked in Box Office Related by Production Accountant (26.1k points)
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jo akeli Tubelight ka stature hai woh baaqi films ka combined bhi nhn bnta....sajan radioOoOoO

6 Answers

+5 votes

So called best phase & with 4500 screens, BB director, Eid festival with pritam music & a box office flop ... Too much fun (in their language).
Even srk has 100% success record in festives.

answered by Production Accountant (20.8k points)

upvoted....then took it back....didn't like the word 'even' .....u should say King of Bollywood SRK has 100% success record.....which i think is wrong factually.....but right jst for the sake of success he has on festivals

Ye even kayko ha,Aamir also has flop on festival I think.

In that case everyone has.
I'm talking about the time from when the festives start mattering.

+4 votes

Tubelight joins the epic list of Drona and MAMK lol.Good going.

answered by Director (139k points)
+3 votes

Kiya baat hai....bhai dominating even here

answered by Editor (87.4k points)
+3 votes

Kyunki..Its Fate Would Also Have Made It To The Top 5 Had You Considered Since 2005.

answered by Production Accountant (25.8k points)

...then tubelightt ouf of list....but v must keep it in list.....haHA....

+2 votes

Main Tere Kaabil Hun Yaar Tu Mere Kaabil Ni . Poore 7 Cr Ki Opening di thi Megastar Hrithik Roshan ne

answered by Cinematographer (99.5k points)

....wrongg lyrics....main tere kaabil hun ya tere kaabil nahi.....from where yaar tu mere came......haHA...

+1 vote

Mohenjodaro mohenjodaro All time epic movie..wow....

answered by Location Manager (7.5k points)

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