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First time i heard about Jagga Jasoos was in 2013, when i didn't even registered in this forum, it was supposed to clash with Happy New Year

And then............. After so many years of hard work, dedication, vision, pure acting, the movie od the millennium is finaly arriving..!!

After Baahubali gave audience it's fill of machoness and action & emotions and visuon, it's time for mega bumper international star Ranbir to show his mega super bumper stardom with Jagga Jasoos..!!

In Jagga Jassos you will see......
The awesome face making skills of Ranbir Kapoor, which you've seen before but as director says it's new, so you gotta believe it's new
The awesome pure acting of kateina kaif who worked hard for her acting just like she works hard to try to speak hindi
The mega entertainer govinda, whose scenes are cut from movie, but I'm sure you can still watch hero no1, coolie no1 and many more Govinda movies and have fun
Ranbir the mega super bumper duper star putting Harrison Ford to shame by showing how it's done in a movie ripped off from Indians Jones, but promises to be better then them
And finally Anurag Basu showing why he is considered as bigger then Steven Spielberg when he shows the world how his Tintin ripoff is 100 times better then Tintin
So get ready for an opening that will dwarf Baahubali's opening, and a movie that is going to dwarf Sholay in all time run as The Man of Bollywood is back who is playing the role of a kid who is doing things which men do by acting like a kid.......... You see, it has taken inspiration from Inception too

So get ready.........


asked in Trolls by Super-star (194k points)
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The awesome face making skills of Ranbir Kapoor, which you've seen before but as director says it's new, so you gotta believe it's new
i hv decided now, i will not watch this film for one year....cz i will only find Ranbir's acting as crap....u TB was even in my mind when Ranbir was making cute faces in Ghalti sy mistake
all fun aside, i m again saying it, less than 10crore opening n i will be the most happy person on Earth

answered by Unit Manager (31.6k points)
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One suggestion, Read this meme in Ben Affleck's Batman voice..!!

jst did....hahah.....it sounds so good.....though not as good as Ranbir films' opening...pooray 5 crore n pooray swa 8crore.......kya zindagi hai Kapoor betay ki

+2 votes

Fingers crossed. Let us not mock such earnest efforts. Had it released with happy new year, ranbir would have beaten srk in opening day collections and then content would have won as anurag basu makes very imaginative and original cinema.

Bahubali was only vfx, what we will see tomorrow is the real deal. An emotional story about a dad and a son and then ranbir...the day I saw saawariya I knew this guy is the next megastar after the khans.

He is already a way bigger star than hrithik, ajay, akshay.......this film will take him beyond the khans as well.

answered by Cinematographer (96.3k points)
+2 votes

clap clap clap. You know oh its true. Its Damn true.

answered by Executive Producer (68.8k points)
+1 vote

Doesn't matter if you like it or not , obviously you are not going to like it but the fact is Ranbir Kapoor is better actor compare to Srk (only if you compare Srk acting from last 6-7 years , overall career was not)...

answered by Director (125k points)

Puneet you can cry as much as you want but no one takes you seriously..!!

Doesn't matter I am not here to be taken seriously .you be happy 24 hrs on this forum and getting admin and be proud yourself

Oh look, baby didn't got to become mod, so he's crying...... Cho chweet..!!

Ranbir in bv, roy and tamasha and besharam>>>>>>>> SRK in fan, don2, mnik
'Puneet you can cry as much as you want but no one takes you seriously..!!'
...exact words i wanted to say....even today he made a post abt JHMS n opening....n my reaction is 'poor soul'.....trying to troll others so can forget the trolling he had to go through......i m with u chiroo...don't cry

+1 vote

On twitter one person gave it 3.5/5 and other one gave it 0/5

answered by Location Manager (5.7k points)

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