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Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor has said if his film fail at the box office and he as a producer makes money, he would compensate the distributors for the losses.

When asked about Salman Khan’s decision to refund distributors for the heavy losses they suffered on his Eid release ‘Tubelight’, Ranbir said “It has been going on since my grandfather’s (Raj Kapoor) time in 1950s.. the style of making films where everyone makes money, not just the producers but also distributors and exhibitors”

“It is a healthy exercise. If someone loses money on something and you have made money out of it, it’s good to compensate. But that depends on person to person and film to film” Ranbir added.

The actor also said his grandfather, Raj Kapoor, gave a bigger share to the distributors than the exhibitors (theatre owners).

“Like when Mera Naam Joker (1970 film) released, distributors incurred losses. So when Bobby released, my grandfather gave a bigger share to the distributors than the exhibitors. Personally, if my film fails and I am making money out of it, then I will pay back the distributors” he said.

Ranbir turns producer with his upcoming film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ which releases in theatres this weekend.


asked in General by Production Designer (13.9k points)
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lol........attention seeker

No he isn't. Media is shit. .he didn't even talk about his movie. Media asked him about Salman compensating the losses of Distributors for Tubelight and asked his reaction whether he would do it too for his movies .first he said -Bhai pehle movie toh release hone de. Loss ki baat mat kro.then he said about how Distributors are Being compensated for years and if any of his movies fail he will also do it

as if anybody cares......in the middle, left reading ur comment....write something abt a superstar n then we all will read....oops....forgot.....Ranbir himself is a superstar

5 Answers

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Best answer

I guess he's already confident of JJ flopping..!!
Good, atleast he's not as clueless as he was during BV time, he is clueless, but not as much as BV time..!!

answered by Super-star (194k points)
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but don't u dare forget Intense, JJ can go both ways.....n if it flops, it will not make even a minor dent to giant stardom of Ranbir sir

Oh yes. In a short career of 10 years, he has gone beyond hits and flops. Baadshah, from tomorrow the fabric of filmmaking might change forever. A new dawn awaits us.

hehe.......kahen double digit sy neechay figure ayi to main tjhe khanay py Pakistan anay ki special daawat dn ga......TB ko bhi........even 10cr plus will be a disappointment after high standards of pooray 5crore

Main to pakka aaunga baadshah bhai, aap dawat ready rakhna.

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bus theek hai ......... pocket dhheeeeli rakho phir.

answered by Star (140k points)
+1 vote

But why ranbir? You are the best actor in the country. And to top it, 2018 onward you will give record openings and record BB'S too. Thoda confident raho boss, you are a future megastar. Cant wait for tomorrow.

answered by Cinematographer (96.2k points)
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Pioneer of great tradition in Bollywood.

answered by Assistant Director (53.7k points)
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I say this is a Megastar statement. Distributors needs to be saved. There must be some fixed fees for distributing a film to be paid by producer.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

Producer do get overflows bro depending on deal.

thats good then........i didn't know that.....but i do think that neither Baahubali or Dangal got those overflows.....or any big film did???any big film which was sold to distributors

Baahubali was sold on commission to AA films. AA films paid 75cr while we're meant to get 10% commission. Npw film earned 254 share in India which means around 25cr commission.
So AA films will keep 75cr advance they paid and commission they got while pass the rest 154cr to producers.
Dangal was Disney's own film.

thnx for more info brother

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