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I piggybacked on Sunny, Sanju. That is how 'Jeet' and 'Saajan' happened. - Salman Khan

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He further added, "Akki (Akshay Kumar) and we have learnt it the hard way. When I was new, Jackie (Shroff) and Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) were much bigger stars than we could ever imagine. So also Sunny (Deol). Each time I felt I was dipping and that my films were not working... gadbad chal rahi hai... (Laughs) I piggybacked on Sunny, Sanju. That is how 'Jeet' and 'Saajan' happened."

Source : http://www.misskyra.com/celebs/salman-khan-we-put-so-much-efforts-into-a-film-and-in-one-day-its-discarded/articleshow/59560810.cms

Source Link: http://www.misskyra.com/celebs/salman-khan-we-put-so-much-efforts-into-a-film-and-in-one-day-its-discarded/articleshow/59560810.cms
asked Jul 12, 2017 in General by bollyranga Camera Operator (9,128 points)
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lol......n some Salman fans like Tiger will not even agree with Bhai that Saajan had him as a supporting actor

I thought of Baazigar when this post was made and I'm sure would have wanted to comment on here. He used to mock Salman Khan for playing second fiddle in Jeet and how he was looking like a little kid in front of Sunny Deol.

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Not surprised, afterall he was a flopstar in 90's with his solo releases biting the dust and only hits being multi-starrers and heroine oriented.......ab aise me admi bheekh nhi maangega kya??

answered Jul 12, 2017 by saransh Unit Manager (30,414 points)

apna randi rona bnd kr Nova........

Koi iss rikshey-wale ki kan-pati ke neeche, bajaiyo bajaiyo bajaiyo zara..........

ooohhhh dummies ko bura lag gaya... kaun sa part??? Ma.aya Me.msaaab heroine oriented honay wala???? relax dummmmmmies.... srk was playing the heroine in that movie....

not funny baby........below zero is the rating for ur comment

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koi darr nahe ..... koi obligation nahe..... jo hai wo hai....straight forward.
no one starts from number 1 position no one remains on number 1 forever....stay humble.... no big deal.... thats salman khan.

answered Jul 12, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (144,853 points)
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Our honest bhai. Sach maan liya. We all know bhai fans always trust him 100%.

answered Jul 12, 2017 by mr.hola Unit Manager (33,352 points)
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I enjoy Salman 's sense of humour. He had signed Saajan just after the success of Maine Pyar Kiya and Baaghi.

answered Jul 12, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (47,603 points)

he wasnt joking. read the interview

@thekai100 Baazigar ye post dekh kr kitna khush hota.