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asked in General by Editor (87.4k points)
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Good question. I also want to know who agrees. Also want to know Who are you species, where do you come from, how do live in the place you guys come from and all...

.MATLAB kiya hai???.........

Bhaisaab.. Meine dono bhi films nahi Dekhi.

Magadheera is very entertaining film..........

3 Answers

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Bahubali 1 > Magadheera> Bahubali2

answered by Executive Producer (64k points)
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It's vfx is really poor. Which hampers my taste. But some moments of the movie are awesome. The race/ the killing of 100 army of Sher Khan but overall Bahubali is better.

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)
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Hmm...I will share my theater exp of both films a little here..

I was shell shocked and stunned with the trailer of magadheera..it had some horse riding and 100men fight scenes shots in it..so i was highly excited and desperate to watch it on day 1 fdfs itself..
I was in my 10+2 I think...I flocked the theater with 4-5 close buddies at 8 am (I had a hope that atleast I will get 1'o clock show tickets)
With all the Hala bula heavy stampede in q we all managed to get 6'o clock evening show tickets..

And in theater i was blown away with rajamouli direction capabilities..

It was 4.75/5 for me just after 1st watch..
Again in all this year's I have seen many times ..say atleast 40 times ..
Now it's just 3/5 for me...

Coming to baahubali 1, after magadheera I felt the same craze and buzz around. And I'm pretty impressed but didn't have that excitement level of magadheera..

I saw baahubali on 3rd day..
It's 4/5 for me....again in this 2 1/2 yrs I have seen it 30+ times ..

Now I will rate it as 3.75/5

Overall baahubali series is better than magadheera now..

But magadheera gives you a mass punch and adrenaline rush that impacts higher than baahubali after first watch....

answered by Assistant Director (53.7k points)

Well written..........

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