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asked in General by Production Accountant (20.8k points)
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Movies - 11
ATBB - 1
Blockbusters - 7
Super hit - 0
Hit - 1
Semi hit - 1
Average - 0
Below Average - 1
Flop - 0
Years - 8.

Compare it with Rajesh Khannaa run.
Also with Aamir khan current run. Is the lack of releases a big reason in case of AK?

4 Answers

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15 back to back success of rajesh khanna from 1969-1972 including many clean hits superhits and blockbusters in those days when getting such verdicts were very tough is unprecedented and unparalleled.

Then In Modern era We can see salman giving 7 bb and 1 atbb along with 1 hit and 1 semi hit out of 12 movies is again huge bcz many people dont have so much bb in whole career as salman has in 1 decade.

Talking abt Aamir he has great achivements in his golden phase from 2006 onwards 1 hit 2 super hit 1 semi hit 1 bb and 4 atbb including 5 atg and 5 hgoty and 1 hgotd out of his 9 FEATURE films is staggering to say the least.
Doing less movies is hurting him big time no doubt about that.

answered by Casting Director (16.9k points)
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Do you expect another movie from Aamir sir after ToH in this decade? What are your realistic expectations from ToH? Do you think BoI will demote D3 to bb? Whose BO run is the best , Sallu or Aamir sir?

Yes i except another movie from Aamir in this decade and I hope that expectations are fulfilled.

TOH is risky project if executed well and clicks then it can do 400-500 cr and be atbb and even atg but if not then it may be an underperformer and do 200-300 cr and be just a hit 50-50. But i hope its atbb atg.

Yes BOI can demote dhoom 3 to bb as they did with ghazini but i dont think its very fair as dhoom 3 had nearly 3 cr footfalls in multiplex era it was atg by huge margin and it almost broke all circuit records. Plus Yrf earned huge profit that movie wasnt given to distributers but yrf itself distributed.

If you talk abt this decade then salman if you talk abt full golden run i.e. saman 2010-2017 and Amir from 2006-2016 then i will say Aamir has an slight edge.

Then what about Sultan? Which is biggest Hit of YRF in Multiplexers Period.Still Blockbuster. more ROI than D3 .More DS. Collection is only less in Overseas which would be broken once it releases in China

Dhoom 3 was an atg and broke almost all circuit records unlike sultan moreover dangal came in the same year and was bigger than sultan I believe this would be the case.

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Facts can't be denied by even hardcore haters. Everyone has seen his stratospheric status and success.
Rajesh Khanna 's stardom was great as unlike others of his time, his hits were solo starrers but no atg and ATBB makes it pale. I may be false in my humble opinion as I was not even born by then.
Aamir Khan 's record of 5atg and 4 ATBB is beyond expression. That said Salman is bigger as Ghazini and Dhoom are not a bigger HIT in the true sense than Sultan.

answered by Unit Manager (35.9k points)
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I agree.this is the best run,Rajesh khanna run was consisted of some small hits,he is bit overrated.

answered by Production Accountant (23.6k points)
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Cannot compare with rajesh khanna, his stardom was on another level altogether. In his generation it is definitely an incredible run. 7 blockbusters and 1ATBB is an amazing feat, had tube light not gone wrong, ek aur blockbuster add ho jaati.

Aamir is a different case, but unique in his own way, one can argue less movies but even tougher to give ATG'S with such regularity. Dont want to choose between AK and salman, both have seen an incredible run.

answered by Cinematographer (96.2k points)

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