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+2 votes
I would vote for hr, amazing performance in kaabil, another guy who acted really well was rajkummar rao in trapped, he would hardly get a look in, salman does not attend awards, so he is again not going to be considered perhaps........................
Hrithik (Kaabil)
Salman (Tubelight)
Ranbir (JJ)
SRK (Raaes/JHMS)
Ranveer (Padmavati)
asked in Opinion by Cinematographer (96.1k points)
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'salman does not attend awards, so he is again not going to be considered perhaps' ....lol....as if thats the reason he doesn't win

9 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Hritik Roshan - Kaabil

answered by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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+2 votes

hahaha what the stupid shit..... who's clicking on srk for raees...... oh ofcourse.... one of srkian also thought srk acted better than oscar winner leo dicaprio ....and i get it....
one who is 50% good actor on acting scale... he's average
one who is 75% actor on acting scale ....he good
one who is 100% ....is the best actor

then there is srk.... 140% .... far beyond the acting territory into the overacting territory .... so naturally he's better....hahaha these srkians are dummyfying the entire scale

answered by Director (140k points)

Trying to make a united front of khans vs hr? Lol.

Its not our habit intense.... We dont beg forgiveness.. Or beg others supports...we are srkians. Now im being arrogant... We are Knights.
Its just i enjoy how he writes, how he trolls.

And whats there to make united front o khans ....lol. I still remember boi headline... Raees crashes kaabil on day 1

I also remember, how hny crashed on day 2 itself. Better to stay humble and hope atleast SRK can give a hit after 3 years.

I am an hr fan but atleast I am honest enough to say hr is going through a bad bad patch

+2 votes

9 votes for SRK proves how much delusional this Fanbase is and they are epitome of biasedness.
Anyways I voted for Ranveer expecting Padmavati to be a success .It will be tough competition between Ranbir and Ranveer
Till now Hrithik in Kaabil is the performance of the year

answered by Cinematographer (99.4k points)
edited by

U voted for a movie yet to come and you saying delusional to srkians..im ashamed u are my fellow human being

+1 vote

The one who negotiates with the organisers conditions

answered by Unit Manager (35.6k points)

Bro, if everyone could negotiate and get an award..............even the legendary dilip kumar has 8 best actor trophies.............surely he did not negotiate.

There are many instances of awarding on pure merits but even in the old days Madhubala in Mughale Azam, Amjad Khan in Sholay etc did not win awards. I will never be able to imagine Amir Khan in Rangeela didn't win Best actor award. Its not for nothing Aamir, Ajay, Akshay, Salman, Naseeruddin SHAH, Salim Khan, IndiCine etc talk against awards or neglect them totally. Rishi Kapoor admits that he bought Filmfare Award for Bobby.

Shah: for Amjad Khan, i don't know who won that year......but a legendary role/entertaining role doesn't mean best performance......u need to differentiate.....i don't know the other guy who won against Amjad Khan.....but what if other guy had better written role with better graph in terms of checking an actor's capability??

+1 vote

The guy who winning here.......votes from mango people.
No wonder why u found guzaarish performance better than MNIK. Kaabil better than raees ? Seriously??? I wish if salman /aamir fans would leave all hatred toward SRK to answer this question.

answered by Editor (87.4k points)

No bro....only a blind can feel the pity of a blind, how hard it was for blind hrithik to kill those villain.

i m that blind guy @Intense

Srkians are biased, all of them. Ask any guy who has any iota of knowledge of cinema, he will tell you.................cant believe a shitty film like raaes is award winning for these guys

hahaha.....just chill yaar

0 votes

Until Now , SRK in Raees and Hrithik In Kaabil are Strong Contender, Ranbir for Jagga Jasos who knows, SRK for JHMS is also Possibility as its not looking a typical Rom-Com, Ranveer role in Padmavati is i guess extended cameo only and its majorly based on women padmavati so Ranveer doesnt have much in Padmavati, Salman in tubelight was good but no way near to SRK and Hrithik in raees and kaabil respectively , TZH might be possibility for Salman.

answered by Assistant Director (40.6k points)

For me it is hr in kaabil till now. SRK was good in raaes, but the not the best for this year. Salman ko tzh ke liye award nahi denge, its not that sort of film

Possible Kaabil was watchable for me due to Hrithik Performance only.

0 votes

SRK might just be very good in JHMS, we don't know yet. Currently Ranveer is the front-runner for me. He has something to prove after Befikre debacle.

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
0 votes

Till now it's SRK for Raees. But at the final,I see close battle between Ranbir Kapoor( Jagga Jassos) and Ranbir Singh (Padmawoti). I will go for Ranbir Kapoor (Jagga Jassos).

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)
–2 votes

Dude, Who Told You That Salman Doesn't Attend Award Shows. He Is, I Guess, The Only Actor That Performs On Show & Yet Ain't Given Any Award.
Moving On To The Main Discussion, All Of The Performances Have Been Terrible Till Now. I Would Pick Irrfan From Hindi Medium As A Major Contender. Shahrukh In Raees Was Mere Passable. Hrithik Was Horrible In Kaabil. Salman In Tubelight, Less Talking Better. I Expect Ranveer To Give A Stellar Performance In Padmavati & Sweep All The Awards. Ranbir Can Also Put Some Competition Though.

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)

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